Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 325

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Chapter 325: I just want to hug you

But very quickly this sweet feeling turned to rage.

This damn Mo Chuan, he set up a trap for her to take advantage of her!

He must have kicked the stool, using this method to hug her!

“Mo Chuan!  What is the meaning of this?  Just hug me if you want to hug me, why do you need to play this kind of trick!”  She could not break out his embrace.  So, she just accepted it, acting in a shy manner.

Mo Chuan’s face turned a little red.  He never thought that she would be so straightforward.

After his thoughts had been voiced by her, the embarrassment on his face disappeared and he recovered his calm expression.

“Yes, I want to hug you.”  He bluntly admitted it.

He would admit what he did.  He was not a coward like Chu Shao Yang.

“Why?  Do you want to take responsibility after hugging me?  Let me tell you, I, Chen Ning am not interested at all!  These are nothing more than bullshit customs!  Let me go!”  She struggled to break through.  Suddenly lowering her head, she bit into his arm.

He did not move even though she bit him as he suddenly realized something.

She was angry because of this!

The smile on his face became wider.  The joy in his hearts came in waves, one after the other.

The muscles on his arm were quite strong and Chen Ning’s teeth were hurting from biting them.  After leaving a deep mark on his arm, she finally looked up and angrily glared at him.

“Mo Chuan, if you’re a man, then don’t use force on me!”

He suddenly released his hold.

Chen Ning moved back several steps.  She moved far from him like he was an old man eating tiger.

Seeing the vigilance in her eyes, Mo Chuan’s eyes sparkled.

“I’m leaving.”  He looked up to see the colour of the sky.  The sun was already rising.

If he did not leave now, he would not bear to do so.

He couldn’t stay here.  He couldn’t give Chu Shao Yang a reason to hurt her.

This was the best method he had to protect her!

Mo Chuan knew even though Chu Shao Yang was villainous, his one good point was that he would keep his word.

Since he made his vow that he would not touch her, he would definitely keep his word.

Chen Ning was stunned, as if she could not believe her ears.

Was this man crazy!

When she wanted him to leave, he actually took advantage of her.  After taking advantage of her, he did not give a single word of explanation before leaving like this?

“Go, go!  If you go, then never appear in front of me again!”

She was incredibly angry, biting her lips to the point that her lips were white.  Taking a pillow, she threw it at Mo Chuan.

Mo Chuan grabbed the pillow and her hand.  Using a little force with his hand, his dark eyes stared right at her.

“I will go, but I believe that we’ll meet again soon!”

“I never want to see you again!”  She replied with gritted teeth.

“You…..will beg to see me.”  Mo Chuan looked at her with a meaningful gaze and let go of her hand.

He jumped back out the window and the black clothes was like a black butterfly, swaying in the light of the dawn and he disappeared.

Chen Ning was stunned.

He was gone.

He actually left without any hesitation!

“I will beg to see you?  In your dreams!”  Chen Ning charged to the window and angrily tossed the pillow that she was holding in the direction that Mo Chuan had disappeared in.

She was panting from her angry.  She was so angry that she could not speak at all.

“Mo Chuan, Chu Shao Bai, Chu Shao Yang!  Not a single one of you men are anything good!”

She angrily cursed at them.

“All of you can scram as far as possible!”

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