Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 324

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Chapter 324: You owe me a kiss

Chen Ning was so angry that she was trembling.  Her teeth were tightly biting the blanket as she cursed Mo Chuan in her heart.

Damn Xiao Hei, go take responsibility for whoever you want.  It would be best for you to bring back all the woman you have seen bathing to take responsibility for, letting them annoy you to death!

There was no movement outside the blanket.

She knew that Mo Chuan must have left.

There was no one that would remain here just to be scolded by her, especially a proud person like Mo Chuan.

It’s good that he left, this was the end to it all!

She wouldn’t need to return what she owed him and didn’t need to do what he wanted her to do.

From now on, they would never see each other again!

What Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai, they all disappeared!

From now on, Chen Ning would not depend on anyone and would only depend on herself!

The quilt did not let air in.  She opened up the blanket and took in large breaths.

Suddenly she was stunned as she looked at the man in front of her in a daze.

Mo Chuan did not leave!

He was standing right in front of the bed.  His bright black eyes stared right at her, sparkling with a faint smile.

She bit her lip and angrily slapped the bed.

Damn Mo Chuan, he was laughing at her!

“Why did you not leave?  Were my words not clear enough?  You have no use staying here.  I will clearly tell you that I do not need any kind of bodyguards!”  She revealed a serious expression as she coldly spoke to him.

Mo Chuan nodded and the smile in his eyes disappeared.  He calmly said, “I didn’t leave because I was looking for a single thing from you.

“What thing?”

“What you owe me.”  He stared at her as he slowly raised his chin.

Chen Ning immediately understood what he meant.  Her face turned red from anger as she glared at him.

Was there anyone more shameless than him?

She looked down on him more than that bastard Chu Shao Yang!

“Alright, isn’t it just a kiss?  I’ll give it to you now!”  She angrily threw aside the blanket and got off the bed, standing barefooted in front of him.

His arms were around his chest and his chin was highly raised.  He had a kind of lofty arrogance to him as he looked down at her.

“Lower your head, I can’t reach it!”  She angrily said.

“If you can’t reach, then step on this.”  His foot moved and hooked onto a stool to the side.

“Alright!”  Chen Ning stood on the stool without any hesitation.  Looking down on him, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she moved to his forehead for a kiss.

A kiss would end it.  He would leave after this kiss!

She did not even want to take a look at him right now.

Her lips had not met his forehead yet when the stool suddenly tilted.  She immediately lost her footing and her body swayed, perfectly falling into his open arms.

His arms slowly used force, pulling her into his embrace.

He had promised Chu Shao Yang that he would not touch her, but she took the initiative to enter his embrace so it didn’t count!

“You….Let me go!”  She forcefully struggled.

Chen Ning’s head was pressed into his chest, so naturally she couldn’t see the sly look in his eyes.

She could smell the fragrance coming from his body.  It was very nice, just like him, making her unconsciously want to indulge in it.

His chest was very thick, but she could hear the sound of his heart beating.  Peng, peng, peng, peng, peng, peng!

It was beating fast.

Why was he excited and nervous?  Was it because he was hugging her?  Had he never held another girl before?

Chen Ning could feel that his body was very tense and his arms were very stiff.  Suddenly a sweet feeling filled her heart.

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