Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 314

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Chapter 314: Endlessly

In that instant, Chu Shao Yang seemed to see himself struggling in the water in the past.  That helpless version of himself.

Would he kill her?  Would he really have her die in his hands?

Perhaps she really deserved to die, but he found that he could not do it!

“Chen Ning, if you want to leave this king, then don’t even think about it!  This king will not kill you!  This king will continue to torture you, making your every day worse than death!”

He suddenly took his hand back and left this cold sentence.  Without even looking at Chen Ning in the tub, he did not turn around as he jumped out the window.

“Hu!”  Chen Ning’s head quickly popped out of the water and she took deep breaths.  She was breathing so hard that she began to give strong coughs.

She took in a few breaths and then looked around, but found no one.

If she had not seen the window swaying slightly, she would have thought that she just had a nightmare.

“Chu Shao Yang!”  She gritted her teeth, then her wet body jumped out of the water.  She tightly wrapped some clothes around herself.

Thinking of what just happened, she gave a cold shiver.

If he had not let go in the end, she would have become a corpse floating in the tub!

But, he clearly hated her, so why did he not kill her?

Then she suddenly thought of what he said before leaving and understood everything.

That’s right, to him, this is nothing more than a game of cat and mouse!

When a cat catches a mouse, they wouldn’t bare to kill it right away.  They would torture it first before eating the mouse.

He was the cat and she was the mouse.  If he didn’t have enough fun, how could he bare to kill her?

“Very good, Chu Shao Yang.  If you want to torture me, then I’ll fight you to the end, endlessly!”  She forcefully grinded her teeth, revealing a tenacious look.

Chu Shao Yang did not get far before not know why his heart would suddenly feel pain, making his steps stop.

He quickly moved faster, disappearing without a trace.

Returning to the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion, Chen Bi Yun heard his footsteps and quickly came out to greet him.  She had a face of worry as she gently said, “Your highness, this concubine only take a nap and you disappeared.  The doctor said you have to stay in bed for two days, so why did you go out?  What happens if you catch a cold?”

She suddenly noticed that his clothes were wet and there was a faint fragrance coming from him that seemed familiar.  A person’s figure appeared in her mind and her face could not help turning pale.

Chu Shao Yang immediately saw her strange expression and hugged her as he said, “Yun’er, what’s wrong?  Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Chen Bi Yun followed along with an “un” sound and said with a frown, “My stomach is uncomfortable.

“Doctor, bring a doctor!”  Chu Shao Yang revealed a nervous look and immediately lifted her up, running into the room.

“Your highness, no need to be so anxious.  Yun’er is fine.”  Chen Bi Yun’s heart felt sweet and she could see from Chu Shao Yang’s eyes that he still cared about her.

“Your expression already changed, how could you be fine!  It’s this king’s fault for making you worried, not letting you rest properly, causing problems with your body.  Someone, bring a doctor over now!”  Chu Shao Yang loudly roared outside the door.

He quickly walked beside the bed and carefully placed her on it, as if she was a piece of fragile porcelain.  Being cared for like this, Chen Bi Yun’s heart filled with satisfaction and pride.

“Your highness, Yun’er really is fine.  Just now….”  She revealed a shy look as she held his hand and placed it on her stomach, “He…..kicked Yun’er once.”

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