Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 313

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Chapter 313: This king is filled with regret now

Xia He replied, “We servants haven’t seen bodyguard Hei all day, but this servant has heard that his highness woke up not long after coming back to the palace.  He is currently in the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion resting up, having concubine consort Chen take care of him.”

This Mo Chuan, she could only see the dragon’s head, but not the tail.

When she needed him, he was never here!  He even said that he would protect her, never letting her lose a single hair!

Men always have to keep their words, never breaking their promises!

Chen Ning angrily gritted her teeth, “Alright.  Help me pump some hot water, I want to take a bath.”

She had been pulled off the horse by Chu Shao Yang, rolling several times on the ground.  Her head and body was covered in mud and grass, making her feel very uncomfortable.  She couldn’t wait to take a bath.

Soaking in the warm tub, she let out a long, comfortable sigh.  A head of dark hair fell down, covering her white as snow shoulders.

She sent out Xiao Ru and the other maids.  Sitting in the tub alone, she raised her head and took a cloth from the water, placing it on her face.  Closing her eyes, she gave a gentle sigh.

She didn’t even know why she was giving a sigh.  The only thing that passed in front of her eyes was that scene from the forest.

Chu Shao Yang had his bow and arrow raised, with a cold glow in his eyes.  With a “xiu” sound, the arrow flew through the air!

However, his target was not her, but rather the giant snake on the tree behind her!

Not only did his arrow not kill her, it actually saved her!

But, why?

Wasn’t he filled with hate for her, wishing that she was dead?

If she died, then his beloved Chen Bi Yun could then be justified in becoming his legal princess.  Moreover, with the situation in that moment, even if he did not make a move, she would have been bitten to death by the poisonous snake.

He could have stood at the side and watched her send herself to her death, but he still made a move to save her!

Without a sound, there was an extra person in the room.

That person was standing right behind Chen Ning, looking at her back with a cold, sharp glow in his eyes without even blinking.

With the heat in the bath generating steamy mist, her shoulders were slightly visible and her hair fell down like clouds.  Her face was covered in a veil, and it seemed like she had fallen asleep.

“Chu Shao Yang, why did you save me?”  Chen Ning closed her eyes as she muttered this.

“He!  This king was also asking himself why he saved you!”

A cold voice suddenly came from behind her.  Then, she felt her throat tighten as a hand tightly gripped her slender neck.

“Chen Ning, this king is filled with regret.  Now, this king wants you to die!”

The hand grabbing her neck used more strength and her head went into the water.  Large amounts of hot water entered into her mouth and nose.

“Gulu, gulu!” Bubbles kept appearing on the surface of the water.

She desperately struggled, but with her strength, it was like an ant going against a tree.  He used more strength and pushed her even deeper into the water.

Her lungs were about to burst and her eyes turned dark as her limbs lost all strength.

Was she about to die?  Was she really about to die like this?

Chen Ning revealed a bitter smile.  If she knew this would happen, then she wouldn’t have saved him!

Chu Shao Yang, she always knew that he was a man eating wolf, but she foolishly believed that he could be a gentleman.  In the end, it was her own fault for being eaten by the wolf!

She closed her eyes and gave up on struggling.

Chu Shao Yang had a look filled with hate on his face.  There were no emotions at all in his cold, cruel eyes.

He wholeheartedly wanted her to die!

However, seeing her life slowly disappear in his hands and seeing how she stopped struggling in the water, his chest suddenly filled with a sharp pain.

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