Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 302

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Chapter 302: Changing person

“We greet the eldest princess!”  Chu Shao Yang and Chen Ning dismounted and entered the crowd to pay respects to the eldest princess.

“Ning’er, is that you?  Why are you wearing that thing on your face!  Come and meet my husband.”  The eldest princess ignored Chu Shao Yang and beckoned at Chen Ning.  Her smile filled her face, making her look radiant.

Chen Ning came over with a smile and bowed to Ye Ting Xuan, “I greet husband Ye.”

Ye Ting Xuan had a cold look on his face as he sat atop his horse.  Other than the eldest princess, he completely ignored everyone who tried to curry favour with him.

This time, he looked down.  Looking at Chen Ning, he waved his hand and said, “No need to be so courteous.”

He did not like festivities and he did not like to talk.  These words could already be considered an honour coming from him.

The eldest princess jumped off her horse and grabbed Chen Ning’s hand, looking very affectionate.  One could see the chins of the noble’s sons drop to the ground in shock.

They all wanted to flatter the eldest princess, but she had not given them a single glance.  Other than Ye Ting Xuan, she did not even smile at anyone else.

Who knew that once the King Ding Yuan princess came, the eldest princess immediately changed.  Not only did she smile, she even grabbed the princess’ hand as she whispered to her.

Were their eyes going bad and had they made a mistake?

“Ning’er, I heard that you made a bet with that stinky brat, is this true?”  The eldest princess pulled Chen Ning to the side and asked her with a concerned look.

“It’s true.”  Chen Ning smiled and nodded.

The eldest princess gave a gasp and looked at her in disbelief, “You really made a bet with him?  Don’t you know that this stinky brat knows the Cloud Piercing Arrow?  As well as the Silent Shot?”

“I know all about this.”  Chen Ning said with a smile.

“Yet you’re still betting with him?  Aren’t you going to lose without a doubt?  What did you bet with him?  Tell this princess, which treasure of his do you like?”

Chen Ning pointed at the date red horse behind her, “It’s this horse.  If I win, the horse is mine.  If I lose, I will kneel down and apologize, as well as resigning from my position.”

Once the eldest princess heard this, she flew into a rage.  Forcefully smacking down her whip, she cursed, “Damn brat, daring to bully my little sister!  Ning’er, there’s no need to worry.  This princess will order him to cancel the bet.  I want to see if that brat dares to disobey!”

She angrily charged off to find Chu Shao Yang, but Chen Ning grabbed her with a smile.

“Do not be angry eldest princess.  I will definitely win this bet.”

“Win?  How will you win?  Do you even know the rule of the big hunt?  It’s whoever shoots the most prey that wins, no cheating at all allowed.  This princess is the respected princess, so I can’t play favourites.”

“Eldest princess, you can be assured, I already know the rules.  Since it’s a hunting contest, it has to be fair.  I will make him lose in a convincing manner.”  Chen Ning chuckled as she looked at Chu Shao Yang standing at the side.

“Do you really have a chance of winning?”  The eldest princess did not believe her at all.

Not to mention Chen Ning, even her royal brother was inferior to Chu Shao Yang in terms of riding and shooting skills.

“Does the eldest princess not believe in Ning’er’s riding and shooting skills?”  Chen Ning said with a knowing smile.

“Alright, since you say this, I’ll believe in you.  However, you don’t need to worry.  If you lose and that stinky brat dares to bully you, then I will definitely not let him off!”

“I’ll bear the consequences of my bet.”  Chen Ning smiled and said, “Eldest princess, it’s getting late.  We should begin.”

The eldest princess nodded.  She mounted her white horse, looking very prestigious as she looked at everyone surrounding them.

The noisy hunting ground suddenly turned silent.

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