Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 301

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Chapter 301: What do you take me for

The royal family’s hunting grounds were located in the suburbs of the capital.  It covered a vast area, containing two hills.

Chu Shao Yang and Chen Ning left the king’s palace earlier.  Bringing a group of subordinates, heading to the suburbs of the capital.

The two of them were riding on the jade flower and red date horses, heading on their way.

Chu Shao Yang was dressed in a purple robe, making his figure look even taller.  Sitting atop the jade flower horse, looking refined and handsome, winning praise from both sides of the street.

Chen Ning was wearing the light blue hunting clothes that the eldest princess sent her and a veil on her face.  She was also generating many discussions all around her.

“Everyone says the King Ding Yuan princess is an ugly monster.  It seems like it’s true!”

“That’s right, otherwise why would she need to wear a veil?  It’s very clear that she is an ugly monster!”

“Ai, it’s a pity for the heroic and handsome King Ding Yuan.  He actually has to take such an ugly woman as his princess!”

The words of the people inevitably entered Chu Shao Yang’s ears.

He was just in high spirits, but now he was instantly filled with shame and anger.  He angrily stared at Chen Ning to the side, “Take off your veil!”

“Alright.”  Chen Ning quickly took off the veil on her face.

No one thought the discussions would become even louder.

“She really is ugly!  That face is uglier than a monkey’s ass!”

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned green with anger.  Staring at Chen Ning with a red and white face, he said, “Chen Ning, could you not put all that stuff on your face!”

“Your highness, this princess specially dressed up for the big hunt, spending four hours on this.  This princess feels it looks good.  If your highness doesn’t like it, then you can not look at it!”

Chen Ning indifferently shrugged her shoulders.  She took off her veil and looked around, earning boos from all around her.

“Put on your veil!”  Chu Shao Yang felt like his face was hot enough to cook pancakes on.

“I’ll wear it just because you want me to?  Who do you think I am?  Your maid?”

Chen Ning’s brows jumped up.  Seeing Chu Shao Yang’s nose going crooked with anger, she then finally slowly put on her veil.

Chu Shao Yang’s temple pulsed with pain.   He pulled on the reins and tapped the horse’s stomach, making the jade flower horse charge forward, leaving Chen Ning far behind him.

Chen Ning slowly moved forward with the date red horse.

Even if Chu Shao Yang ran fast, he still had to wait for his legal princess.

Sure enough, before she reached the hunting ground’s entrance, she could see Chu Shao Yang’s figure.

“Why are you even slower than a turtle!”  Seeing her horse come closer, he angrily shouted at her.

Chen Ning did not even look at him once.  She looked at the flags waving on the hunting ground, the sturdy horses, and the youths riding those horses.  This place was very crowded.

She smiled and praised, “Today really is a good day for a hunt!”

Chu Shao Yang saw Chen Ning’s eyes change when she saw those young men and he couldn’t help clenching his fists.

Has this ugly woman never seen men before!


If she dared to ruin his reputation in front of everyone, he would strangle her to death!

There were eunuchs at the gate to welcome them.  They led them into the hunting ground to meet the eldest princess.

In the center of the crowd, the two of them instantly saw Eldest Princess An Le.

She was riding on a tall, snow white horse.  The fire red hunting clothes made her seem high spirited and full of vitality.

There was a pure black horse beside her with a white robed youth sitting on it.  With a face like snow, a face like a painting, and a cool and refined manner, he looked like he came from a painting.

Chen Ning knew that this handsome white robed young man was Ye Ting Xuan without a doubt.

No wonder the eldest princess fell in love with him at first sight.  He really was born with great beauty!

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