Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: Want you to personally prove it

Then Mother Jiang also paid her greetings.  With a superficial smile, she said, “This old one is also a fourth grade official from the Main Management Department.  Everyone addresses me as Mother Jiang.  I greet the princess consort.”

They two of them reported their ranks within the palace to Chen Ning.  Their meaning was to tell Chen Ning that even though she was the princess, they were officials in the palace.  If she dared to offend them, then she was offending the emperor.

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile.  Naturally, she could understand what they meant, but at the same time, she also wanted to know what this matter was about.

She could immediately see that these two old things had ill intention.  If they were to fairly judge her innocence, then that would be strange!

Even without using her brain, she could tell that this was a secret plot set up by Chen Bi Yun to use these two mothers to ruin her reputation.  How could she let Chen Bi Yun’s plan succeed?

“So it’s Mother Meng and Mother Jiang from the palace.  This princess did not know before, so I was a little rude.  I ask the two mothers for your forgiveness.”  Chen Ning said with a smile.

Mother Meng and Mother Jiang both said in their heart, “Now you know your mistakes?  Too late!”

However, they both had the same humble smiles on their faces as they said, “We old ones are humble servants, how could we blame the princess consort?  Now we ask the princess consort to undress yourself on the bed.”

“Undress myself on the bed?  I wonder, how will the two mothers check this princess’ body?”  Chen Ning asked with a smile.

The way she asked was too forward that the two Mothers’ old faces couldn’t help turning red.

In front of Chu Shao Yang, the two of them felt that it was hard to bring up this matter.

“Ke, ke, ke.”  Mother Meng gave a few gentle coughs before saying in an embarrassed voice, “I’ll have to ask the princess consort to undress yourself and then this old one will test the princess’ body to tell if you are still pure or not.”

“So it’s like this.”  Chen Ning looked over at Chu Shao Yang and then said with a smile, “Since these two mothers are going to prove this princess’ innocence, your highness, do you want to personally check as well?”

“No need!”  Chu Shao Yang’s face suddenly turned red for an unknown reason.  He turned around and stormed off.

“Wait a minute, your highness.  If you don’t personally witness this important matter and if something goes wrong, then who would believe this princess’ words?  What if I get charged as unclean accidentally?”

Chen Ning suddenly stood in front of him.

Chu Shao Yang knit his brows and coldly said, “What do you mean?  These two are wet nurses that this king personally invited from the palace.  They are experienced and honest, this king believes them.”

“You believe them, but this princess doesn’t!”  Chen Ning said.  Her eyes turned cold as she looked over at Mother Meng and Mother Jiang.

When the two mothers saw this, they immediately called out in an aggrieved voice, “Princess consort, this old one has worked in the palace for many years.  All the girls in the palace are checked by us without the slightest mistake.  Why does the princess consort not believe us!”

“He, he, I believe you, but I don’t believe your fingers!”  Chen Ning gave a cold laugh, “Don’t think that this princess does not know what kind of trick you are planning to use on this princess.  You should stop thinking about it now!”

Her eyes were sharp and cold.  When those candle like eyes swept over Mother Meng and Mother Jiang, they couldn’t help looking down in guilt.

“Chu Shao Yang, if you want to check this princess’ body, that’s fine!  But I want you to do it personally!”

Chen Ning turned her head and her eyes fell onto Chu Shao Yang, as she slowly said this.

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  1. passingbyreader says:

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