Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 278

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Chapter 278: You’re the cheap person

“Chu Shao Yang, stop trying to slander others!  You’re the cheap one, you’re the cheapest family’s cheapest man!”

Chen Ning rarely insulted others, but hearing Chu Shao Yang constantly calling her a cheap woman, she was not going to take it anymore and insulted him back without any hesitation.

“You, you, you dare insult this king?”  Chu Shao Yang was stunned.  This was the first time that anyone had called him a cheap person.

“That’s right, I’m calling you a cheap man.  A cheap person deserves to be insulted and is hypocritical!  Chu Shao Yang, you are a cheap man!”  Chen Ning continued to shout, feeling very satisfied by doing so.

She regretted the fact that she didn’t say it earlier.

“You!  Do you believe this king will not kill you!”  Chu Shao Yang angrily raised his fist.

“Cheap man!  Do it!”  Chen Ning stared at him with contempt, raising her chin high up.

“You think this king does not dare?”  Chu Shao Yang’s voice was forced out through gritted teeth and his eyes flashed with a cold killing intent.

But his high raised fist did not come down.

For an unknown reason, even though he hated Chen Ning and was angered to the point of wanting to kill her, she was like a little ant that he could grind to paste at any moment, but he could not do it!

Her stubborn eyes and unyielding personality actually made him feel a kind of admiration towards her.

Even a man would beg for forgiveness when he saw Chu Shao Yang’s cold eyes, but she showed no fear on her face and her legs stood straight.

Just based on this, he could not kill her!

He would slowly torture her until she crawled at his feet, admitting that he was her master.  Then he would kill her!

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes flashed with a cold and cruel glow, but he slowly lowered his fist and coldly said, “Very good Chen Ning, you really do have guts.  This king will not kill you, but this king will not let you off this easily!”

“Wishing to incriminate someone, but having no evidence!  I wonder, what charges your highness will give this princess this time?”  When Chen Ning heard that he no longer called her a cheap woman, her tone became a little more polite.

“You keep saying that you are pure, then do you dare to prove it!”

“Why wouldn’t I dare?  But how do you want me to prove it?”  Chen Ning gave a cold laugh.

“Good!  Remember your words!”

Chu Shao Yang suddenly sent out a palm, but the sharp palm wind was not aimed at Chen Ning.

Hearing a “kacha” sound, the two windows was shattered by his palm wind and flew away.

Chen Ning looked out the window and saw that the courtyard was filled with people.  She couldn’t help curling her lips.

“Your highness, this is really a large parade.”  She gave a disdainful cold laugh as she stood there with a straight back.

Chu Shao Yang coldly said, “Mother Meng, Mother Jiang, come and give the princess consort a body examination!”

“Yes, your highness.”  Two gray haired, old wet nurses wearing palace robes came in.  They came inside the room and faced Chen Ning before saying, “Please strip yourself princess consort.  We will examine the princess consort to prove her innocence.”

Chen Ning stared at the two old ladies and said in an impolite voice, “Where did you two old beasts come from?  Who says you have the right to have this princess strip herself?”

Mother Meng and Mother Jiang trembled from their anger.  These two have been in the palace for many years and had experienced all kinds of storms and heard all kinds of insults.  Although Chen Ning’s words were disrespectful, their faces did not reveal the slightest bit of anger.

Mother Meng paid her greetings to Chen Ning.  She said in a vague manner, “Princess consort, this old one is a fourth grade official from the Ceremonial Department.  My surname is Meng, but everyone in this palace addresses this old one as Mother Meng.”

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