Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 268

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Chapter 268: All dead

“We’ll fight outside?”  Chu Shao Bai raised his brows.

“Go!”  Mo Chuan was even more straightforward.

The two of them flew out the window, moving like two gentle breezes.  Xiao Ru gave a shocked cry, “Aiya, the immortal young master flew out.”


Chen Ning silently rolled her eyes at Xiao Ru.  Then she rubbed her sore butt cheeks that was hurting from falling on the ground and said to Xiao Ru, “Go and draw me a bowl of water.”

“What?”  Xiao Ru did not hear her clearly and looked at Chen Ning with wide eyes.

“Pepper water!  The hotter the better.  If any one of those two bastards dare come in again, I will let them have a good taste of it!”  Chen Ning said through gritted teeth.

Although Xiao Ru did not understand what she meant, she still obediently brought a large bucket of pepper water.  There were bright red and chopped peppers floating in the water.

Chen Ning was very satisfied seeing this.  She patted Xiao Ru’s shoulder and praised, “Very good!  Good little Xiao Ru, go back and sleep.”

Xiao Ru blinked her eyes and then pointed outside before saying, “Young miss, the white robed immortal young master and Bodyguard Hei are fighting outside in the garden.”

“Just let them fight.  Even if there is a hole tomorrow, it isn’t related to us.  Go to sleep.”

Chen Ning laid on the bed and covered herself with the blanket.  She fell asleep as soon as she closed her eyes.

Who would have thought that after sleeping a while, Xiao Ru would rush in screaming.

“Young miss, this is bad!  Bodyguard Hei has kicked over the bird cage and all the birds have flown away!”

Chen Ning did not move, even her eyelids did not open.

“Tell the housekeeper to send ten more birds over tomorrow.”

After a while.

“Young miss, this is bad!  The crane being raised in the yard was slapped to death with a single palm by the immortal young master!”  Xiao Ru came in an anxious manner.

“……What!”  Chen Ning immediately sat up.  When she heard that it was the crane that died, she laid back down without any hesitation, “Remember to have the housekeeper send five more over tomorrow.”

After another while.

“Young miss, young miss, the immortal young master and Bodyguard Hei fell into the pond…..They’re all dead!”  Xiao Ru breathlessly ran in while panting.

“All dead?”  Chen Ning sat up on the bed with wide open eyes.  She grabbed Xiao Ru, “Tell me clearly, what is dead?”

“Ke, ke, ke!”  Xiao Ru choked on being breathless, “They fell in the pond, but they still continued to fight.  They kept fighting until all the fish and white flowers in the pond all floated to the top, completely dead!”

“Hu!”  Chen Ning let out a sigh.  She angrily slapped Xiao Ru on the back of her head, “You silly girl, not making things clear.  It’s just a few fishes.  Remember, tell the housekeeper to buy some more tomorrow.”

“Yes.”  Xiao Ru spat out her tongue.

“Xiao Ru, obediently go to sleep already.  Right now, you don’t have to care about who dies outside, you’re not allowed to bother me anymore!  Otherwise I will……kacha you!”  Chen Ning stared at Xiao Ru and made a threatening gesture.

“Yes, young miss.”  Xiao Ru shrunk back and quickly left.

Chen Ning slept all the way until the sun was in the sky.

She gave a lazy stretch and then turned around.  The first thing she saw scared her.

There was a handsome face right beside her, with a pair of shining black eyes.  Seeing that she was awake, it revealed a gentle smile that was like a room of pear flowers blooming.

“You’re finally awake.”  Chu Shao Bai said with a smile.

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