Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 267

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Chapter 267: Immortal fighting a mortal

Other than her arm, her head was also beginning to hurt.

If these two fought in her room every night, then she would never be able to have a peaceful night of sleep ever again.

Suddenly, with another “peng” sound rang out and scared Chen Ning.  She was afraid that one of them was hurt.

Xiao Ru’s messed up head of hair peeked inside the room and asked with sleepy eyes, “Young miss, did thunder hit your room again?”

She saw two disappearing figures in front of her and thought that she was dreaming.  After rubbing her eyes a bit, her mouth fell wide open.

“Oh!  God!  What is happening?  What is happening?”

Mo Chuan and Chu Shao Bai were having an intense fight, how could they hear her?

Xiao Ru rubbed her eyes for a while and finally saw the two people in the room clearly.

“Young miss, look!  An immortal is fighting a mortal!”  She excitedly shouted.

Chen Ning’s lips curled together.  She really wanted to slap the back of Xiao Ru’s head.

“Xiao Ru, come over and help me up.”  She endured her pain and shouted out.

She was too lazy to care about these two fellows going full swing.  She would let them fight until they were satisfied since they loved fighting.  She did not care about the room’s furniture since it’s Chu Shao Bai’s money that was wasted!

Xiao Ru finally noticed that Chen Ning was on the ground.  She quickly ran over and quickly pulled on Chen Ning’s arm.

“Young miss, what’s wrong?”

“Ow, ow, ow!  Don’t move, don’t move at all.  My shoulder is dislocated.”  She was in so much pain that she broke out in a cold sweat.”

“Ah?”  Xiao Ru was shocked and her tears began to pour out.  She said while sobbing, “Young miss, did that bastard highness hit you?  He actually broke your arm!  He really is bad, from his head to his toes, with a rotten heart in the center!”

The two people fighting suddenly slowed down at the same time.  It was as if they remembered that Chen Ning was injured at the same time!

“Ning’er, let me help you fix your bone!”

“I’ll do it!”

The two of them appeared beside Chen Ning at the same time, holding one of her arms from each side.

“Let her go!”

“Let her go!”

The two of them shouted in unison before staring at each other.

Seeing that they were about to fight again, Chen Ning suddenly had an idea and shouted, “Aiyo, it’s so painful!”

Sure enough, it attracted their attention.

Mo Chuan did not say anything else and pulled, then pushed on her right arm.  Hearing a “ka” sound, Chen Ning did not even have time to feel pain before her arm was popped back in.  

“You!”  Chu Shao Bai stared right at Mo Chuan.  Although he hated him for being first, he was very impressed by his skills, making it look very clean.

Chen Ning rubbed her arm.  Then she looked at Mo Chuan and Chu Shao Bai before flying into a rage.

“Since you two love to fight, then fight until you’re happy!  Now, get out!”  She pronounced with a scowl.

The two of them were both filled with guilt towards her.  They wanted to apologize, but in front of the other person, they couldn’t say a single thing.

Xiao Ru stared right at Chu Shao Bai and then suddenly clapped her hand before saying, “I know you!  You’re that immortal young master that descended that other night!”

Chu Shao Bai did not even have time to say anything before Chen Ning angrily shouted, “Xiao Ru, be quiet!  What immortal young master, they’re clearly two maniacs!  You’re not allowed to talk to these two maniacs in the future!”


Chu Shao Bai and Mo Chuan looked at each other.  Although they didn’t know what these words meant, they knew that it did not have a good meaning to it.

Their hearts were filled with anger.  It was all the other person’s fault, causing her to call them a maniac!

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