Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 261

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Chapter 261: The wine doesn’t get drunk, the person gets drunk

Mo Chuan’s hand quickly reached out to pick her up and she fell into his arms.  After finding a good position to lie in, she closed her eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Hey, wake up, wake up!”  He shook her while calling in her ears.

“Xu, be quiet and let me sleep.”  Chen Ning frowned and impatiently waved her hands.  Her hand moving like she was slapping a mosquito.

Mo Chuan felt helpless as he hugged her and walked out the door.  He found that the sky was already filled with stars.

They had stayed in this little wine store for half a day now.

With the night wind, his somewhat dizzy mind instantly cleared.

He touched his own slightly red drunk face and touched his smooth skin, suddenly realizing that he wasn’t wearing his mask.  He took it out of his sleeve and put it onto his face.

It was quite absurd after thinking about it.

Over the year, he had acted very strict, never acting as reckless as he had today.

He thought that it was because he was not familiar with talking to girls which was why he took off his mask to allow her to see his own face.

He even came with her to this small unknown wine store to drink, drinking to the point of being beyond just a little drunk.

He had even said a lot, but he could not remember what he had said.

He remembered that she had been smiling the whole time, laughing the whole time.  Those eyes that seemed brighter than the stars were filled with smiles.

The wine doesn’t get drunk, the person gets drunk.

Now, it was time for him to become sober.

Mo Chuan placed Chen Ning on the back of the date red horse, but she was so drunk that she could not sit on the horse properly, bending over and falling down.

She once again fell into his arms with red cheeks.  She was completely drunk.

The starlight shined on her face.  Her bright red lips were slightly curled and she looked very innocent as she slept there.  It was completely different from the sensible girl she was when she was awake.

Because she had been too smart and she had always had her guard up, Mo Chuan had never been able to see through her.

But looking at her now, even though she was smart, she was also still just a sixteen-seventeen year old young girl.

Her clear as crystal jade skin was seemed like it was very tender to the touch.

Mo Chuan suddenly did something that he felt was impossible for him.  He actually pinched her face.  That gentle and tender feeling gave him a strange new feeling.

It was as soft as tofu!

He suddenly pulled back his hand like he had been burnt and looked at his right hand with a look of disbelief.


What was he doing!

Mo Chuan focused his mind and took in a deep breath.  Hugging her, he jumped onto the back of the date red horse.

This horse had already recognized Chen Ning as its master, so it did not allow anyone else to ride it.  Seeing that Mo Chuan was hugging its master, it gave a loud snort of protest, but when Mo Chuan’s legs tapped it, it still obediently moved forward.

Swaying on the back of the horse and with the cold night wind, Chen Ning sleepily opened her eyes.

“You’re awake?”  Mo Chuan rich voice came from above her.

“Un, where are we now?”

She found that she was lying in Mo Chuan’s arms and there were little stars shining in the sky above them.

Mo Chuan’s face was like a reflection in the water, swaying which made it hard for her to look at.

“I’m sending you home.”  He replied.

“Wu, Xiao Hei, stop moving around so much, you’re making me dizzy….”  Chen Ning forcefully grabbed his clothes and her stomach churned.

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