Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 260

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Chapter 260: Me and him, who looks better?

The little wine store was very dim, but her eyes suddenly lit up.  It was like a sun piercing through the clouds or a dazzling flower.

Chen Ning stared right at his face, feeling her head go dizzy.

She couldn’t help rubbing her eyes.

An extraordinary, beautiful face appeared in front of her.  His eyes were ice cold and his appearance was indifferent, but with a look, it seemed somewhat familiar.

“Strange, where have I seen your face before?”  Chen Ning rubbed her forehead and felt very dizzy, like she was drunk.  Mo Chuan’s face seemed blurry to her eyes, like it had just come out of the water.

“Oh, you’ve seen me before?”  Mo Chuan’s eyebrows jumped up.  His eyebrows were very nice, thick and dense, but still slender.

She leaned in and looked at him closer.  From his eyebrows, down his straight, jade like nose, to his slightly parted thin lips.

She looked carefully at him, but Mo Chuan revealed no expressions at all.  While he felt embarrassed being stared by her like this, he just parted his lips sometimes to continue calmly drinking, revealing an indifferent expression.

“I’ve never seen you before.”  Chen Ning suddenly let out a long exhale.

As they leaned closer, he could smell the scent of wine coming from her.  There was also a faint sweet smell that was very attractive.

“But, you really are handsome.  Looking at you, you really are pleasing to the eye.”  She raised her cup and drank it all down.  Her eyes blurred and she revealed the look of a drunk.

Mo Chuan curled his lips a bit and his eyes revealed a vague smile.

“Do I look better or does Chu Shao Bai look better?”  He suddenly asked.

“Of course you look better.”  Chen Ning blurted out.

She fell on the table while laughing.  The sound was very crisp and clear, just like the sounds of a silver bell.

“Xiao Hei, you’re this handsome, so you shouldn’t wear any strange masks from now on.  I like the way you look right now.”

He did not say anything and just looked at her with a faint smile.  He continued to drink his wine.

Her words were like nectar to him, making him even more intoxicated than the wine.

Chen Ning was also drinking, she drank the wine like it was tap water.  Only drinking it did not quench her thirst and she continued to keep drinking.

Her eyes shine more and her laughter became even more beautiful.

The more she drank, the more she wanted to laugh.  For every word Mo Chuan said, she laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world, falling on the table, being unable to get up.

Mo Chuan did not know that his words could make a person this happy.  He began to speak more, to the point that even he did not remember what he said.

He just remembered her shining eyes glazed with a drunken look, that sweet smile and that eye catching beauty.

Mo Chuan did not notice that she was drunk because he himself had drank too much, to the point that he had become intoxicated.


Chen Ning suddenly slammed her fist onto the wooden table and cursed through gritted teeth.

“It’s all that damn emperor’s fault!”

This was like a stone falling from the sky, making Mo Chuan half recover from his drunken stupor.  He opened his drunken eyes and looked at Chen Ning in a daze.

“Who are you?  You’re so courageous, daring to curse the emperor!”

The boss behind the counter was awakened by Chen Ning’s curses and sleepily stood up.

Mo Chuan flicked his finger and a copper coin flew through the air, hitting the boss’ sleeping point.

The boss’ head fell and he fell asleep on the table.

Mo Chuan looked down at Chen Ning and found that her face was completely flushed.  Her eyes were partly closed and her hands were sprawled on the table, as she slowly rolled off the table.

She’s drunk.

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