Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 250

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Chapter 250: Reap the fruits of one’s actions

The date red horse gave a whinny and began to sprint forward.

“If you don’t dare, just forget about it!”  Her clear voice was blown over by the wind.

“You think this king would be afraid of you?”  Chu Shao Yang mounted the horse without any hesitation.  With a kick from his legs, he chased after Chen Ning.

Chen Bi Yun watched as the two of them went further away and then she revealed an unclear smile on her face.

Chu Shao Yang’s riding skills were truly good.  They hadn’t even ran half a circle and his jade flower horse had already surpassed the date red horse.

He looked back on the horse and coldly said to Chen Ning, “You’ve lost!”

“Is that so?”  Chen Ning did not look at him, but rather she looked at a distant, slim figure.  She raised the horse whip and said with a smile, “The finish line is still far away and we still have quite a bit to go.  Watch this!”

Her date red horse suddenly rushed forward and passed the jade flower horse.

“Refusing to give up!”  Chu Shao Yang slapped his horse’s butt with his whip.

The jade flower horse raised its hooves and rushed forth, passing the date red horse in the blink of an eye.  It continued to gain speed and very quickly, it left Chen Ning and her horse far behind.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart was filled with pride, but suddenly the proud smile on his face froze.  His eyes went wide as if he had just seen something unbelievable.

He saw several horses run out of the horse shed, charging forth.  Their hooves fell onto the ground and it seemed as if the entire ground was shaking.

The horse grooms were all stunned and not a single person could react.

They never would have thought that all these tied horses would suddenly all rush out!

Did they all become wild?

What was the most incredible thing was that all the horses were running in a single direction, running towards a single goal!

That goal was Chen Bi Yun who was standing on the edge of the horse track!

Seeing this scene, not only did the eyes of the horse grooms fall to the ground, even Chu Shao Yang’s eyes almost fell to the ground.

“Yun’er!”  He let out a heart rending scream.  He slapped the whip onto the jade flower horse’s butt and the horse charged out like it was flying, rushing wildly at Chen Bi Yun.

His heart almost jumped out of his chest and his eyes turned red.  He only had a single thought in his mind.  He would save her!  He had to save her!

The horse grooms finally reacted and chased after the horses, but they only had two legs, so how could they catch up to the horses with four legs?

But they did not dare to not chase and it was impossible for them to not chase.

Chen Bi Yun was completely stunned with fright.

Seeing the large group of horses charging right at her, her arms and legs completely turned soft.  Her heart was screaming at her to run, but her legs were frozen and she could not move at all.

Lan Xiang standing behind her had a white face as she screamed, “Your highness, save us!  Your highness, save us!”

The horse track fell into chaos.

The sound of horse whinnies, horses running, screams, and crying were all intertwined.

Chen Ning stopped her date red horse.  Sitting on the back of her horse, she smiled as she watched all of this happen, like she was watching a good play.

Chu Shao Yang went crazy!

When he saw dozens of horses charging at his beloved woman, he completely went mad.

He desperately slapped his horse, not caring if the jade flower horse lived or not.  At the final moment, he grabbed Chen Bi Yun and pulled her onto the horse.

But Lan Xiang standing behind Chen Bi Yun was not as lucky as her.

She gave a terrified scream as her eyes turned wide and her face filled with absolute horror.

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