Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 249

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Chapter 249: Slapping one’s face

Chen Ning suddenly looked over and revealed a smile.

“Your highness is truly blessed, little sister Bi Yun is so caring towards you, even bringing food over for you.  It really makes others jealous.”

Chu Shao Yang turned around and found Chen Bi Yun’s slim figure appearing in the distance with Lan Xiang holding a box filled with food.

She had changed her makeup today.  Her eyebrows had been lightly painted and her lips were completely red.  When she appeared, it was like a spring breeze being blown.

“Yun’er, why are you here again?  Didn’t the doctor say that you had to stay in bed and rest up?”  

Chu Shao Yang’s brows slightly knitted and he seemed a little unhappy, but he still came over to help her fix the hair messed up by the wind.

Chen Bi Yun’s red lips slightly parted and she began to laugh, “Your highness got up early to go to the horse track and haven’t had breakfast yet.  Yun’er has specially come to bring breakfast for your highness.”

Chu Shao Yang did not even have the time to speak before Chen Ning said with a smile, “Little sister is truly here on time.  This princess was just telling his highness that I was hungry and little sister came immediately to deliver breakfast.  After being sisters for all these years, I still haven’t tried little sister’s personally made food yet.  Does little sister mind if this princess tries little sister food with his highness?”  

Chen Bi Yun was stunned, as if she had just seen Chen Ning.  After greeting Chen Ning, she smiled and said, “So elder sister is here too, it really is a coincidence.  Little sister did not know that elder sister would be here so early, so I’ve only prepared breakfast for his highness.  Lan Xiang, run back and bring some breakfast for elder sister as well.”

The perfume she was wearing today was even stronger than yesterday.  Chen Ning did not cover her nose and took in a few strong inhales.

“What?  Your elder sister isn’t worthy of eating the food you made for his highness?  Or is it because you’ve placed some kind of special material inside the food?”  Chen Ning gave a relaxed smile as she slightly narrowed her eyes.

“Elder sister really likes to joke.  Little sister’s glutinous balls for his highness are salty because his highness likes salty food.  Little sister remembers that elder sister likes to eat sweet things.  Lan Xiang, why are you not cooking a sweet meal for elder sister yet!”  Chen Bi Yun shouted at Lan Xiang.

“No need, no need.  Little sister personally made these glutinous balls for his highness, so how could elder sister not understand what that means.  You just slowly feed them to his highness.”  Chen Ning smiled as she waved her hand.  Then she said, “Little sister, what fragrance is that?  It’s even more fragrant compared to yesterday.”

Chen Bi Yun’s smile became stiff, but she quickly recovered and said, “It’s not that expensive of a perfume.  If elder sister likes it, I can have Lan Xiang send some over for elder sister later.”

“Alright, then I’ll have to thank little sister for this.”  Chen Ning giggled as she walked away with her horse.  Then she grabbed some pieces of grass to feed the red date horse with.

Chu Shao Yang quickly finished the glutinous balls and then looked over at Chen Ning.  He saw her calm appearance, like she was not the murderer at all and his heart filled with anger.

“Your highness, are you done?”  It was like Chen Ning had eyes in the back of her head.  She suddenly turned around with a smile and said, “Since you’re done, can you have a race with me to see who’s faster?”

“Humph!  Are you even worthy?”  Chu Shao Yang gave a cold snort and then looked at the red date horse below her in contempt, “Your horse is not bad, but with a rider like you, you can’t even compare to this highness’ shoes!”

“Is that so?  It’s better if you don’t say stuff like that, otherwise, it’ll be like his highness slapping his own face.  If we don’t compete, how will we know who will win and who will lose?”

Chen Ning raised her hand and slapped the red date horse’s butt.

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