Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: The person behind her

“Young miss, you are really strong!”  Xiao Ru’s eyes shined with excitement.  She first picked up Chen Ning’s shoe and then ran back to Chen Ning’s side.  Her face was filled with worship.

Chen Ning put on her shoe.  She had a solemn expression without the slightest bit of pride or joy.  

Her eyes swept around her surroundings and she coldly said, “Come out!”

Xiao Ru was surprised, “What should come out?”

Chen Ning didn’t answer as her eyes fell on a pile of firewood behind the shed.  Her lips pulled back as she formed a cold smile, “What’s wrong?  You have the courage to do it, but not enough to take credit for it?”

“Young miss, what are you saying?  How come this servant can’t understand what you’re saying?”  Xiao Ru was confused.

Chen Ning pushed Xiao Ru back.  She walked over to the pile of firewood and moved her hand out towards a piece of dry wood.

“If you choose not to show yourself, then I’ll have to make a move.”

She was already a hundred percent sure that someone had helped her from the shadows earlier.  Moreover this person’s martial arts was very strong.  Other than her, no one else was aware of him.

She only knew a few simple martial arts techniques, she definitely did not have enough strength to beat up all those maids and guards.  It was the person behind her that had controlled her hands.  Controlling the situation as fast as lightning and throwing out a dozen slaps to the opponent’s faces.

Even now, her right arm was still sore.

That person had to be hiding behind her, but when she looked back, she only saw this pile of firewood.  There was nowhere else he could be hiding.  

It was silent behind the pile of firewood, there wasn’t even the sound of breathing.

Chen Ning waited for a while.  Seeing that no one was coming out, she stomped out with her foot.  She looked behind the pile of firewood and saw that there was no one there.  

If there really was someone behind her earlier, they would have probably silently left a long time ago.

“It truly is someone that doesn’t see things to the end.  Only, why did this person help me take care of those slave?”  She said to herself as she couldn’t help feeling puzzled.

She had lived a very low key life in this king’s palace, there was no one that was willing to help her.

And as she searched the memories of the original owner, she discovered that she didn’t known any highly skilled individuals.

“Young miss, what are you looking for?”  Xiao Ru came over.  She was puzzled as she looked at the pile of firewood.

“Nothing.” Chen Ning shook her head.

“Young miss, you were truly awe inspiring just now!  When did you become this powerful?  Even this slave didn’t know about it.”  Xiao Ru’s face turned red from her excitement.  She couldn’t help venting in her heart.

Humph, let these slaves try to bully my young miss again!

Chen Ning had a faint smile and didn’t bother explaining.

Her eyes swept across her surroundings.  Without know why, she began to feel that there was a set of eyes staring at her.  That kind of feeling where something was stabbing into her back wasn’t just her imagination.

But, was the other side a friend or enemy?  They had just helped her with a huge favour.  Since the other side didn’t want to show themselves, she also couldn’t force them to.

“The matter just now, thank you very much!  Regardless of your reason for helping me, this favour, I will remember.”  She cleared her throat and loudly said.

She knew the person hiding in the darkness could hear her.

Xiao Ru opened her eyes wide and felt the situation was strange.  The young miss was actually talking to thin air.

“Xiao Ru, we should go now.”

Chen Ning pulled on Xiao Ru’s hand.  She picked up a lantern off the ground and identified her surroundings as she walked forward.

She didn’t want to stay near this wooden shed.

After beating the small dogs, the old dog will soon return.

But she was very tired now and had no energy to deal with him.  She wanted to find a safe place to sleep for a bit and restore some energy before fighting again.

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