Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 246

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Chapter 246: It’s a blessing if I get it

“Young miss, this servant will help you get dressed.”  Xiao Ru went out the door.  She came back after pumping a bowl of water and bringing a new set of hunting clothes.

“Un.”  Chen Ning sat down in front of the dresser and looked at the new clothes before asking, “Where did these clothes come from?”

“It was just sent over by the eldest princess.  She said that the young miss would be tired of her old clothes after two days, so she sent over a new set.  Look young miss, isn’t this lake green set prettier than that sky blue set!”

Xiao Ru happily lifted the clothes up, showing them off to Chen Ning.

Chen Ning said, “I’ve only worn them for two days, how could I be tired of them already?  The eldest princess is really wasteful.”

She looked at the new clothes, feeling like she really liked them.  This green as a spring lake set of clothes really suited her style.

“Young miss, you’re really pretty wearing this set of clothes!  The eldest princess really has good eyes, this colour really suits the young miss!”

Xiao Ru was stunned looking at her.  It was a while before she began to clap and praise Chen Ning.

Wearing the light green hunting clothes, Chen Ning with her clean, white face that had no makeup on was like a lotus on the lake.  Beautiful and elegant, charming everyone that saw her.

She sat down at the dresser and looked at the makeup box on the table.  After a bit of hesitation, she still opened it and began to cover her face with it.

Before her plan was over, she did not wish to allow Chu Shao Yang to see her true face.  Otherwise, all kinds of trouble might occur.

Xiao Ru knew her complicated thoughts, but seeing her cover up her beautiful face, she couldn’t help letting out a sigh.

“Young miss, when will you let that bastard highness see your face?”  She was waiting eagerly for that day.

She believed that if that bastard highness saw how beautiful the young miss was, he would definitely never treat the young miss so viciously.

“I’m afraid that he’ll fall in love with me when he sees my face.”  Chen Ning turned around and began to laugh.  She told this joke on purpose.

Who would have thought that Xiao Ru would think that she was being serious and begin nodding while praising, “Young miss, with how beautiful you are, if that bastard highness were to see you, he would not be able to take his eyes away!”

“Puchi!”  Chen Ning began to laugh.  Then she pinched Xiao Ru’s round face, “If he really falls in love with me, what happens if he doesn’t want to separate from me?  To others he might be a treasure, but for me, Chen Ning, he is nothing more than Chen Bi Yun’s used rag.  I think that he is quite dirty!”

“But…..But young miss, which accomplished man in this world doesn’t have multiple wives?  Even if you do leave the bastard highness, you might not…..might not…..”  She secretly looked at Chen, not daring to say anything else.

“You’re completely right.  Even if I leave Chu Shao Yang, it wouldn’t mean I would meet what I want.  Un, the man that I have in my heart will mean everything to me.  He would love me, respect me, spoil me, and protect me.  He would be fully committed to me, never having another woman in his heart.  What I’m looking for is just this kind of unique man!”

Chen Ning looked at her own ugly face in the mirror.  Without knowing why, she began to think of the smile Chu Shao Bai gave her in the wedding hall.  It was like the spring wind filled with pear blossoms.

Xiao Ru had a wide smile on her face from hearing this.  Looking at Chen Ning in a daze, it was a while before she muttered, “Young miss, does this kind of man exist in this world?”

Chen Ning’s eyes sparkled and shined brightly.

She casually replied, “It’s my blessing if I find one, if not, I’ll resign myself to fate.”

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