Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 245

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Chapter 245: Red ears

Waking up the next morning, Chen Ning opened the window and stared at the wide, blue sky.

Her mood was as good as the weather outside.  Narrowing her eyes a little, she looked at the red, rising sun to the east.

Thinking of what would happen today, she was feeling a little bit of anticipation.

A black, human figure suddenly appeared outside the window.  She was scared for a second, but then she found that it was just Mo Chuan.

“Morning!”  She smiled as she greeted him.

Mo Chuan did not say anything, but he did slightly nod at her.  His eyes fell onto her face and then quickly moved away, looking at the blooming flowers in the yard.

Chen Ning noticed that his ears had turned red once again and she felt a strange feeling in her heart.

Was he feeling shy?

Why was he feeling it this time?  Was it because of the thing she wanted him to do last night?

How was that possible!

Thinking of the plan she thought of, making a man like him do something like that, especially someone as proud as him.  Not to mention it being embarrassing, even when she thought of it, she felt a bit of regret.

Chen Ning curled her lips into a smile and leaned on the window sill, breathing in the fresh air.  She just stood there, enjoying the scene of the garden.

Mo Chuan’s back was still facing her, not turning around the whole time.  As for his red ears, it took a while before the colour faded.

The more she looked at this, the funnier she felt it was.  She never imagined that a cold killer like him would actually be able to feel shy.

He used to be surrounded by a cold, killing intent which made it hard to approach him, but after being around him for a while, Chen Ning found that she was becoming less and less afraid of him.  Especially after seeing his ears turn red, she wanted to tease him even more.


She suddenly blew a resounding whistle sound behind Mo Chuan.

“……”  Mo Chuan’s back turned stiff and his ears became even redder.  With a flash, he disappeared into his room next door, moving in a very awkward manner.

Chen Ning began to laugh when she saw this.  The large sleeves fell down from her arm, revealing those beautiful snow, white skin.

Xiao Ru was attracted over by the sound of her voice.  Seeing her appearance, she was shocked.  She quickly rushed in front of the window and used her head to block the view.

“Young miss, you, you, you……How could you reveal this kind of appearance?  You, you, you…..Did you forget that Bodyguard Hei was living next door?  You, you, you…..you should wear some clothes now……”

Her face turned red with embarrassment as she pulled Chen Ning in from the window.  Then she tightly closed the window with a “pa” sound.  Looking over at Mo Chuan’s room, she saw that the door was tightly closed and patted her chest while letting out a sigh of relief.

Chen Ning felt that this was very strange.  She took a look at herself, looking down at her large and wide clothes, which only revealed a small portion of her neck and chest.  If this was compared with modern clothes, her clothes could still be considered quite conservative.

This little girl Xiao Ru was truly too excitable.

She looked into the mirror and saw her hair cascading down her back, outlining the white skin of her neck.  Adding to the fact that she was still in her nightgown and not wearing any makeup, it gave her a charming lazy look.

Suddenly she realized the reason why Mo Chuan’s ears turned red.

It wasn’t because of the thing she had him do, but rather because of her own appearance.  She felt that it was very funny.  This ancient era man was truly conservative and became shy quite easily!

Xiao Bai was like this and now even Xiao Hei was also like this.

The only man who had no shame that she knew of was that Chu Shao Yang!

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