Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 240

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Chapter 240: Psychological warfare

Mo Chuan gave a nod, “It was just a little shock to my organs, it isn’t much.  If I had come earlier, your foot would not have become like this.  Can you tell me just what happened today?  Chu Shao Yang said you tried to kill his beloved with a horse, but I believe you’re not that kind of person.  So what actually happened?”

Chen Ning couldn’t help feeling startled.

He said that he believed her, but he was a stranger who did not know her for long, yet he was able to say that he believed her without any hesitation at all.

Then again, looking at Chu Shao Yang, he did not even ask anything before condemning her as the killer.  He called her the killer who wanted to harm Chen Bi Yun, wanting her dead without any hesitation at all.

There was no comparison when comparing the two of them.

She slowly shook her head, “I don’t know what happened either.  That horse suddenly stopped listening to me and charged towards Chen Bi Yun.  No matter how I pulled the reins, it would not stop.  That was how it happened.  Even now, I still have no idea what happened.”

After pausing for a bit, she curled her lips into a cold smile and said, “Even if I really wanted Chen Bi Yun dead, I would not use this kind of foolish method.  If I tried to kill his beloved with a horse in front of him, would I be stupid or would he be stupid?”

Mo Chuan nodded and said in a solemn voice, “I understand.  I believe you.  There must be something strange going on here.”

“But I can’t understand just what is happening.  Why did the blue and white porcelain horse suddenly go crazy?  Why did it not charge at anyone else and only charge at Chen Bi Yun?  This matter is completely related with Chen Bi Yun, herself.  I had used my words to test her and she revealed her flaws, which means that she must be the culprit behind this matter!  What I cannot understand is how she did it.  Why did it only affect my horse and not Chu Shao Yang’s horse?”

Chen Ning tapped her chin while thinking about this.

Mo Chuan just stared at her.  He couldn’t help asking, “You tested her?  With which words?  I didn’t hear it.”

Chen Ning smiled and said, “This is a kind of psychological warfare.  When I said that I would find the killer in three days, but I needed a single condition, she immediately asked what that condition was and that alone exposed her.  If this wasn’t done by her, she would not have been that eager to speak.”

Mo Chuan did not say anything and just looked at her with a strange gaze.

He could understand her words, but he couldn’t understand the logic behind them.

She seemed to have a kind of ability that easily allowed her to differentiate between the truth and lies.  From the first time he saw her, she had already given him a strong feeling.

His eyes could see through many people, but when he met the swindlers on the street, he could not see through them.  At that time, she had ruthlessly pointed it out to him.

He wasn’t that convinced at that time, but the more contact he made with her, the more he felt that her ability could not be ignored.

Her eyes seemed like they could see through a person’s heart!

Was there really mind reading in this world?

He suddenly looked away, as if he was afraid that she could see through his heart.

Everyone had their own instinct to protect themselves, not letting others easily see through their heart.  He was not an exception to this.

“What?  Are you afraid of me?”  Chen Ning’s sparkling eyes stared at him as her lips curled into an interested smile.

She had seen every subtle movement from him and could easily determine just what he was thinking.  She secretly thought this was very funny and couldn’t help teasing him.

Mo Chuan’s face became a little warm.  What a joke, how could he be afraid!

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