Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 239

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Chapter 239: Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain

“Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain!  Aiyo, softer, be a little softer!”  Chen Ning grinded her teeth so hard that smoke almosts came out as she placed her snow, white ankle on Mo Chuan’s knee.

She forcefully pulled her leg back, but Mo Chuan grabbed her and stopped her from moving.

“Now you know it hurts?  Why did you not make a single sound at the horse track?”  Mo Chuan angrily looked at her.  He used his hand to rub a bruising cream on her ankle and massaged the temples to circulate the blood in her feet.

Chen Ning’s ankle was swollen like a large mantou and it was so painful that she was crying, but she said with a uncaring look, “Why would I make a sound?  Even if my foot breaks, that man will not see any reactions, or hear a single word from me.  If I did ever show my wound off to him, he would say: This injury is ugly, you shouldn’t let others see it since it’s this ugly.”

Xiao Ru had been in tears, but when she heard this, she suddenly gave a laugh.

But after laughing twice, she wanted to cry again as her heart felt even more uncomfortable.

“That bastard highness really deserves to die!  Young miss, this servant should have come with you.  If this servant came, then young miss would not have been injured.”  The tear she wiped off fell onto Chen Ning’s leg.  She felt worse the more she looked at it, as her voice began to crack from her crying.

“Silly girl, stop speaking nonsense.”  Chen Ning patted Xiao Ru’s head, “Alright, I’m fine now, so you should go back and sleep.”

Xiao Ru shook her head, “This servant will stay here and accompany the young miss.”

“You aren’t a doctor, so staying here won’t make my foot better.  Go back and go to sleep, be good.”  Chen Ning sent Xiao Ru away with a tone that sounded like she was coaxing a child.  Then she turned to look at Mo Chuan.

“Xiao Hei, you should go and sleep too.  Give me the cream, I can just rub it on myself.”

Mo Chuan did not answer.

He did not look up and continued to move his hand.  His right palm was placed over her hand, secretly sending forth internal energy.  He was using his internal energy to help her absorb the medicine’s energy.

Chen Ning gave a small sigh of comfort as she placed her right foot into a bucket of warm water.  The warm feeling spread to all four of her limbs.

“Xiao Hei, your massages are really good.  You should stop being an assassin and become a masseuse, perhaps you could make even more money than what you make by killing people.”

Chen Ning gave a yawn as she spoke in a sleepy voice.

Mo Chuan’s lips quivered, but he did not say anything as he helped massage her foot.

“To be honest, Xiao Hei, I really thought you would kill him today.”  Chen Ning closed her eyes and she began to think about what happened at the horse track today.

Mo Chuan gently said, “I wouldn’t.”

After a pause, he then said, “Because he did not pay me.”

“Pu!”  Chen Ning couldn’t hold it in and began to laugh.  Her eyes opened wide and she looked at Mo Chuan like he was very funny.

“Your meaning is you want to kill him and you want him to pay you for it?”

“Of course.  Although I sometimes kill people for free, for people like him, I would never do it for free.”  Mo Chuan said in a serious voice.

Chen Ning began to laugh.  She felt that not only was Mo Chuan mysterious, he was also quite interesting.  He was not like the cold block of wood he was when she first met him.

Thinking of how he saved her today, her heart began to feel warm.

“Ke, ke, Xiao Hei, is your injury not heavy?”  She looked at him with a gaze of worry.  He was wearing a mask on his face, so she could not see his complexion, but his eyes were glowing.

“I’m fine already.”  He calmly replied.

“You’re fine?”  Chen Ning looked at him in disbelief.

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