Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Breaking the dog’s teeth

No one could have imagined that the weak looking Chen Ning would actually attack them.  Moreover, she was able to hit so hard that the maid’s teeth were knocked out in just three palms.

Such a powerful strength!

Everyone sucked in a cold breath.  They realized that Chen Ning was not someone easy to deal with and they all moved back a step.

Xiao Ru’s mouth was wide open in shock.

Chen Ning shook her sore wrists.  She didn’t show any kind of emotions, but the shock inside her heart was no less than the crowd’s.  

This wasn’t right!

It had to be known that teeth were very strong.  She knew that he had not used that much strength, or at least it wasn’t enough to break someone’s teeth.

Right as she raised her hand, she felt a gentle breeze coming from behind her hand.  Her hand couldn’t help moving and it slapped the maid’s face.

Then she couldn’t control her right hand as it slapped the maid in the face again.

It was as if someone was controlling her hand to beat them.

Chen Ning suddenly turned her head and found that there was no one behind her.  There wasn’t even a shadow of a person.

She wrinkled her brows and couldn’t help making a look.

“This evil woman dares to viciously attack people, everyone let’s go up together!  Let’s grab this evil woman!”

The maid whose teeth were knocked out spat out a mouthful of blood.  She had a sinister look as she stared at Chen Ning and ruthlessly shouted.

The crowd once again charged forward.  They rolled up their sleeves as they prepared to move against Chen Ning.

“Young miss, be careful!”  Xiao Ru was so nervous she almost couldn’t breathe.

But she said it too late as Chen Ning had already made a move.

Only hearing a crisp “pi la, pa la” sound ringing out, the maids and guards all spun around several times.  They swayed and like a broken bag, they fell down onto the ground.

They had all been knocked dizzy and didn’t know where they were.

Xiao Ru’s chin fell down in fright.

She looked at Chen Ning with a shocked expression.  She couldn’t believe that this awe inspiring Chen Ning was the weak young miss from before!

“These palm strikes, they are a lesson for those without eyes, daring to disrespect your master!  Next time you dare to be rude to this princess, this princess won’t let you off so easily.”

Chen Ning coldly looked at the crowd.  Her cold eyes pressed down on them and no one dared to look at her.

“Pei, what kind of princess are you!  Aren’t you just an abandoned woman?  Wait until his highness comes to deal with you!”

The toothless maid hated Chen Ning to the depth of her bones.  She still had her spirit as she insulted her and prepared to turn her body and run.  She was getting ready to report back to Chu Shao Yang.

Chen Ning gave a cold smile, but she didn’t chase her.  She kicked out with her right foot and the shoe on her foot shot out.  With a “pa” sound, it hit the maid in the back, right where her heart was.

That maid’s eyes opened wide and spat out a mouthful of blood as she fell onto the ground.  Her four limbs twitched a few times and then she stopped moving.

“Mur…..Murder!  Murder!”

Everyone’s faces turned white as they shivered with fear.  They all wanted to run, but their legs had turned numb and they couldn’t move at all.

Wasn’t is said that the princess was about to die from her sickness?  How could she still be this strong?

“Scram!”  Chen Ning coldly shouted.

Everyone felt as if they had been pardoned as they rolled and crawled away, not daring to look back.

“Wait!”  Chen Ning suddenly said.

Everyone froze on the spot.  They turned their head and looked back with eyes filled with fear.

“Take this dog that doesn’t know how to talk away.”  Chen Ning pointed at the coffin to the side, “Since there is a coffin ready, you might as well put her corpse inside.”

Everyone’s courage had already been shattered by Chen Ning.  They didn’t dare say anything as they lifted the unconscious toothless maid into the coffin.  Then they quickly ran off.

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