Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 230

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Chapter 230: No one is allowed to interfere

The cold aura coming from Mo Chuan was even thicker compared to Chu Shao Yang, at the same time, there was a hidden killing intent.

He stood there without moving as he gently put Chen Ning down, before pushing her behind him.  This action made Chu Shao Yang even more furious.

“Your princess?  What qualifications do you have to call her your princess?”  Mo Chuan’s voice was even colder than Chu Shao Yang’s.  That one sentence he said was sent in a very strong voice, “For just a concubine, you did not care about your princess and send her flying with a palm.  You watched her fall from the air without helping her, so what qualifications do you have to call her your princess!  How dare you open your mouth!”

He passionately scolded, shocking everyone that heard him.

The horse grooms couldn’t help shaking their ears and rubbing theirs eyes, suspecting that they were in a dream.

They never thought even in their dreams that someone would actually point at his highness’ nose and scold him like this.

Chen Ning’s eyes lit up and almost began to clap Mo Chuan for what he said.

Wow!  So cool!

His words were all engraved into her hearts!

His words were a series of huge slaps that rang out across Chu Shao Yang’s face.

Chu Shao Yang’s face began to burn as he was filled with rage.  His handsome became distorted as he finally looked at Mo Chuan and slowly said.

“This king will have you die or else this king is not surnamed Chu!”

The flames of anger he felt in his chest almost lit him up.  Other than anger, there was also another emotion that he could not understand in his heart.

Especially after seeing this man hug Chen Ning.  Seeing the two of them whispering and ignoring everyone around them, he really wanted to kill this person!

This was his princess, his woman!

Even if he didn’t want her and allowed her to die, he still did not permit anyone else to touch her!

Mo Chuan stood as firm as a mountain in front of Chen Ning.  Faced with the killing intent Chu Shao Yang released, he did not take half a step back.

“Chu?”  He gave a cold laugh.  Then he said in a ice cold voice, “You still remember your own surname?”

“Seeking death!”

Mo Chuan’s words were like adding oil to the fire which made all of Chu Shao Yang’s blood rush to his head and his eyes filled with killing intent.  His right hand gently waved and a cold glowing sword appeared.

The sword’s glow flowed like water, seeming endless as it reflected the sun’s light to release a cold glow.  Its blade moved like a snake as it seemed like it was dancing in the air.

A cold inhale could be heard around them.

The horse grooms were frozen with fear.

Even Chen Bi Yu did not know that Chu Shao Yang actually had this soft sword hidden at his waist.

Chu Shao Yang was very arrogant and very strong, so this soft as mud iron Spirit Snake Sword had never left its sheath in ten years even though he always kept it by his side.

Today he was filled with rage and killing intent.  He wanted to cut this black clothed man into a broken corpses and then chop up the pieces to feed to the dogs!

His right hand flicked and the soft Spirit Snake Sword suddenly became straight as it pierced forth at Mo Chuan.


This Spirit Snake Sword’s blade was filled with internal energy as it released a howling gust of wind.  The sword had not arrived yet, but the sound could already be heard.

This one stab contained all his anger, its might was unstoppable.

Although Chu Shao Yang was filled with extreme hate towards Mo Chuan, this stab’s goal was not to hurt Mo Chuan because he did not want to kill Mo Chuan so easily.  He wanted to cut Mo Chuan’s tendons first and turn him into a cripple.  Then in front of Chen Ning, he wanted to cut off Mo Chuan’s fingers, hands, and arms.

Whichever part of his body had ever touched Chen Ning, he wanted to destroy it all.  Destroy it all!

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