Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: The owner determines what the dog becomes

They weren’t stupid at all.  They knew who to flatter and who to disdain.

His highness had ordered them to collect the princess’ body, so they would definitely accomplish this task.

Since the princess had not died yet, then they would just have to turn her into a corpse.

A fierce glow shined in the maids’ eyes.  Chen Ning smiled and approached them step by step.

“Young miss, these servants want to hurt you.  Run away, run away now!”  Xiao Ru saw through the maids’ intention.  She sucked in a cold breath and loudly shouted.

“Run?  This palace is full of his highness’ men, even if she had wings, she still wouldn’t be able to escape.  Princess, you should obediently get into the coffin yourself, otherwise us servants will have to make a move.”

The maids and guards surrounded Chen Ning as a maid coldly spoke.

In their eyes, Chen Ning was a fish on the cutting board, ready for them to slaughter.

Xiao Ru was so scared that her heart was about to jump out of her chest as she desperately shouted, “Our family’s young miss is the legal wife of his highness and is your master!  Master!  You are killing your own master!  You are……Aren’t you afraid his highness will cut off your head if he found out?”

“We are currently following his highness’ order to retrieve the princess’ – corpse.”  The maid purposefully stretched out the last word.

She saw that Chen Ning just stood there.  She wrinkled her brows and waved her hand, “Princess, since you won’t take what is offered, then these servants will have to make a move.  Everyone, let’s do it together.  We’ll put her into the coffin!”

The maids and guards raised their hands and walked towards Chen Ning.

Seeing such a critical situation, Xiao Ru couldn’t cry more even if she tried.

“He, he.”  Chen Ning who was surrounded suddenly broke out in laughter.

Her laughter made everyone freeze.  Even Xiao Ru was not an exception.

Xiao Ru stared right at Chen Ning and in her mind she screamed: God, it can be?  Has the young miss been scared silly?  In this kind of situation where people want to kill her, the young miss could still laugh!

The maids and guards also thought Chen Ning had been scared silly, but they didn’t care whether she was crazy or stupid, they just wanted to put her into the coffin.

“It truly is the master determines how the dog turns out!  The dogs that Chu Shao Yang have in his palace, they are all asking for a beating!”

The smile on Chen Ning face suddenly disappeared.  Her voice turned icy and her face turned cold.

Under the moonlight, the white robe she wore created a slender and solitary figure.  It was simply awe inspiring.

Everyone was shocked by her as they stopped in their steps.  Then they move forward once again.

She is only a fake tiger, what was there to be afraid of!

They had more people, they wouldn’t be scared by a little girl that was only around sixteen to seventeen years old.

Chen Ning’s lips turned into a cold smile and her eyes did not have a trace of fear.

In the modern era, she had learned martial arts before.  Although compared to Chu Shao Yang, she couldn’t even match up to a single one of his shoes, but it was more than enough to deal with these servants that couldn’t even differentiate between limbs.

These dog like servants that looked down on others, if she didn’t teach them a lesson, then how would she ever receive any respect in this king’s palace!

Her eyes fell on the arrogant face of the lead maid.  The first person that would be taught a lesson, would be her.

“Pa!”  The sound of a crisp palm attack rang out and broke the night’s silence.

Before the crowd could even react to what had happened, another two crisp hitting sounds rang out.

The lead maid opened her mouth and with a “wa” sound, her teeth fell onto the floor.  Her swollen face was just a pig’s face.

This sudden change shocked everyone present.

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    Indeed how the master is, is how the servants will act

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