Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: A beautiful painting

His face alternated between white and red.  After a while, he coldly said, “In the end, you should stay far away from her!”

“This princess will naturally stay far away from her.  This princess’s nose is very sensitive and I do not care for the perfume my little sister wears.  When she comes close, my nose will be able to smell the smell of dung that my little sister can’t wash off.  Ze, ze, my pitiful little sister’s hands, would the food she make have the same taste?  It really is a pity to the people who eat her food.”

“Chen Ning!  You…..Shut up for this king!”

Chu Shao Yang felt the vein on his head pop out as blood rushed to his head and his handsome face turned red.

He clenched his fist and gritted his teeth, making him look like an angry lion as he stared at Chen Ning.

Damn, what was this girl’s tongue made of?  Everything that she said enraged him!

No wonder Chen Bi Yun was not her opponent.  Even he was at a…..disadvantage.

He really wanted some muting medicine.  After giving it to her, she wouldn’t be able to say anything else in her entire life!

“Your highness, what were we talking about before?  Oh, you were saying my way of holding the reins was wrong.  How does holding them like this look?”

Chen Ning pretended nothing happened as she held the reins.  Her left and right thumbs grabbed onto the horse’s reins.

She had long slender fingers and a jade white palm that was slightly blushed.  The soft hands made a sharp contrast with the hard reins.

Chu Shao Yang stared at her for a bit and then slowly nodded.

“Then your legs should be clamped across the horse’s stomach and you should gently kick the horse’s stomach, giving it the signal to start moving.  If you want it to stop, just pull tightly on the reins.”

He suppressed his anger and began to seriously teach her how to ride the horse.  He wanted to give her a convincing loss on the day of the big hunt.

One was focused on teaching while the other was focused on learning.  They were no longer fighting with each other and had formed a slight harmony in this short period of time.

Chu Shao Yang even mounted the jade flower horse, personally demonstrating everything as he followed along with her.  When he saw anything that Chen Ning did wrong, he immediately pointed it out.

With the blue sky and the gentle breeze, the two of them riding together painted a beautiful picture for anyone looking at them from afar.

Chen Bi Yun sitting under the shade began to release fire from her eyes.  Her long nails pierced into her palm as she felt anxious watching this.

Lan Xiang, standing by her side, couldn’t help saying, “Concubine consort, the princess really is a cheap person!”

“That’s right, she really is cheap!”  Without anyone beside her, Chen Bi Yun did not hide the hatred she felt in her heart.  She gritted her teeth as she stared at Chen Ning’s figure.

“She looks so ugly, yet she’s still trying to seduce his highness in front of the concubine consort.  She is clearly not putting the concubine consort in her eyes.  This servant can’t watch this any longer, I really want to complain for the concubine consort.  With an ugly monster like the princess consort, she will never be able to ascend to become  a phoenix.  The legal princess’s crown should belong to the concubine consort!”  Lan Xiang added flames to the fire.

“Be quiet!  Is this something that a servant like you is allowed to say?  If his highness heard this, what kind of person would this concubine become!”

Chen Bi Yun scolded Lan Xiang as an unknown light flashed in her eyes.

“Good elder sister, you must be very proud of your current appearance.  This little sister wants to see, how long can you keep this going?”  She stared at Chen Ning sitting on the horse as she spoke in a quiet voice.

Lan Xiang’s eyes lit up as she happily said, “Concubine consort, are you……”

On the flat and wide horse track, Chen Ning began to urge her horse forward.  The blue and white porcelain horse ran forward as Chu Shao Yang kept up beside her on the jade flower horse.  The sun shined down on the two of them, making them look very dazzling.

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