Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: I am the princess

Chen Ning had married into the King Ding Yuan palace three days ago, but she had become “sick” that night and been sent to this wooden shed.  So most of the servants had not seen her face yet.

These maids were just simple servants, naturally they did not recognize Chen Ning.

“I’d like to ask, what are you people coming to this wooden shed for?”  Chen Ning did not give them her identity.  She just smiled and asked.

The maid thought she was just a stupid girl as she said with an impatient face, “We have his highness’ orders to retrieve the princess’ corpse, unrelated people should move to the side.”

She spoke while entering the wooden shed.  She looked around a bit and said with a curious tone, “Yi. where is the princess’ corpse?  Why is it gone?  Wasn’t the princess already on her dying breath?”

The maids entered the room together and began to search around.

Chen Ning placed her hand on the door frame and smiled as she looked at them.  She smiled and said, “Are you here for the princess?  I know where the princess.”

“Where?”  The maids all turned to look at her.

“Right here.”  Chen Ning pointed at her own nose.  Smiling as she said, “I am the princess and the princess is me.”

“What!  You’re the princess!”  The chins of the maids all fell down as their eyes widened.  They had an unbelievable face as they stared at Chen Ning.

“Of course I am.”  Chen Ning smiled and nodded.

But the maids still didn’t believe her.

Wasn’t the princess about to die?  But not only was the girl in front of them alive, she was still smiling.  She didn’t seem at all like she was on her dying breath.

How could she be the princess!

A maid suddenly saw Xiao Ru beside Chen Ning.  She stared on dumbfoundedly and then pointed at Xiao Ru as she said, “Yi, I recognize her.  She’s the silly girl beside the princess.  I saw her three days ago.”

Hearing this, the maids all stared at Chen Ning again.

A maid raised her nose up and calmly said, “You really are the princess?”

Before, they didn’t know Chen Ning’s identity, so they weren’t respectful to her.  Now that they knew Chen Ning was the princess, they all began to look down on her.

Xiao Ru saw this and couldn’t help being angry.  She stepped forward and loudly shouted, “Of course she is the princess.  Now that you’ve seen the princess, why aren’t you kneeling?”

“He, he, kneeling down?”

The maid coldly laughed, as if Xiao Ru had just said a hilarious joke.

They all stood straight and not a single knee bent down.  It was as if Chen Ning didn’t even exist to them.

“You bunch of servants, daring to disrespect the princess.  You, you…..”  Xiao Ru clenched her fist in anger and her face turned red.

“We are following his highness’ orders to come and collect the princess’ corpse.  His highness’ orders, we servants do not dare go against.  Move out of the way!”

Two maids came forward and grabbed Xiao Ru’s arms as they pulled her to the side.  The rest of them went forward to grab Chen Ning.

“You guys are truly bold!  The princess is still not dead and you dare say this kind of thing to the princess’ face!  What are you doing?  Stop!  Quickly stop!  None of you are allowed to touch our family’s young miss!”  Xiao Ru screamed.

She was so angry that her body trembled.  She tried breaking free, but the two maids forcefully held onto her.

The maids did not put Chen Ning into their eyes.

There was no one in the palace that didn’t know that this princess that just got married three days ago was already abandoned.  Right as she had been married, his highness had sent her to this wooden shed because of her “sickness”.  Moreover, the girl his highness married today, she was the one that was actually the favoured princess.

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