Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 206

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Chapter 206: Where did this ghost come from

“Zhiya-”  A gentle sound rang out as the person slowly opened the window and jumped in.

A flower thief!

[TL Note: A guy who deflowers girls…..Don’t tell your parents…..]

This was the first thought that appeared in Mo Chuan’s mind.

He did not think as he pushed open the door and jumped out.  What he landed, he was no longer in his own room, but rather he was inside of Chen Ning’s room.

He looked up to see a white clothed figure carrying a bamboo basket in his hand who was slowly walking over to Chen Ning lying on the bed.

That flower thief might have been too focused and adding in Mo Chuan’s quick movement techniques that made no sound, he did not notice that there was an extra person in the room.

Chen Ning did not like having the curtains down while she slept because it made her feel suffocated.  The soft veils were hung on two hooks on the sides of the bed, not hanging down.

So her beautiful sleeping posture was completely visible to the two men.

Moonlight shined onto the bed, lighting up her face.

She was in a deep sleep.  There was a faint smile on her face as if she was having a good dream.

With a snow lotus jade like hand on her chest, her hair flowed down her pillow.  There was a red brocaded quilt covering her body with a corner hanging off the bed.

Even though she was sleeping, she was completely covered, only revealing half her harm.  However, that kind of lazy sleeping position had its own invisible charm that completely attracted the attention of the white figure.

He silently stood three feet away from the bed as he put down the bamboo basket in his hands.  He just stared at her sleeping face, not making a single sound.

Under the white moonlight, Mo Chuan noticed that the flower thief’s basket was filled with eggs.

This flower thief gave eggs to those he deflowered?

Mo Chuan found that he could not understand this flower thief.

He was completely confused, so he decided to wait and see.  He did not disturb this strange flower thief.

He had a calm character and liked to understand the situation before making a move.  He never chose to make recklessly make decision, this time even more so.

If this flower thief wanted to do anything to her, then there was still time for him to act.

Finally, the white figure moved.

He silently took a step forward.  His eyes did not even blink as he stared at her delicate and beautiful face.  Finally, he slowly bent down while holding his breath.  He wanted to kiss those slightly upturned red lips that he had been thinking about for a long time.

Mo Chuan was filled with anger!

Daring to try kiss her meant that he really was a flower thief.  Daring to do this kind of dirty act in front of him, he definitely would not let him off!

“Sir, an expert like you, I never thought that you would do this kind of dirty thing.  Do you feel no shame at all!”

Their lips had not touched yet, but a faint sweet smell entered his nose and the white clothed man was completely enamoured.  When he suddenly heard a cold laugh coming from behind him, he broke out in a cold sweat.

He quickly stood up in a straight posture and turned around.

With his martial arts, how could there be anyone that approached him before he could notice them?  When he saw Mo Chuan standing less than a foot away, his eyes turned cold.

This black clothed man had silently appeared in her room, it must be with bad intentions.

He was calling him a shameless flower thief, but he might be the real shameless flower thief!”

“Where did this ghost come from!”  The white clothed man asked in a low voice.

“What did you come from!”  Mo Chuan coldly retorted.

The moonlight fell onto the white clothed man’s face and his hair was blown aside by the wind coming from the window.  That spotless white robe, those eyes like stars, and that face like jade.

“It’s you!”

Seeing his face, Mo Chuan was suddenly stunned as he blurted this out.

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