Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 205

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Chapter 205: No one left at all

“Actually, aren’t you just wearing a mask, it doesn’t matter if I know about it or not.  I will not tell anyone about this.  You can be assured, I was just a little curious.  What does your face look like under your mask?  Can you take it off and let me see what you look like?”

Chen Ning’s eyes blinked as they filled with curiosity.

“Of course I can.”  Mo Chuan calmly said.


Chen Ning felt that this was very strange.  She had thought that he would definitely reject her.

“Un.”  Mo Chuan did not look away as he stared right at her, “Do you really want to see it?”

“I do.”

Chen Ning watched Mo Chuan slowly lift his hand and place it behind his ear.  She couldn’t help holding her breath and her eyes opening wide as she prepared herself to see this mysterious assassin’s true face.

“Before I take off my mask, I want to tell you something.”

Mo Chuan’s hand stopped as he slowly said, “In this world, all the people that have seen my true face, not a single one is left.”

Then he seriously looked at her, “Now, do you still want to see my face?”


Chen Ning was stunned and immediately covered her eyes with her hand.

“I don’t, I don’t!  Actually your true face isn’t anything good to look at and I’m afraid I’ll have nightmares after seeing it, so, I’ll be sleeping first.  Un, Xiao Hei, it’s getting late so you should rest soon too.”

She had a hand covering her eyes as her other hand pulled open the door.  Quickly flying out, the door closed with a peng sound.

“Good face, good face!  That damn Mo Chuan, you only know how to scare others!”  She patted her chest.  Her heart was still beating quite fast.

In the room, Mo Chuan’s right hand behind his ear came down as he couldn’t help revealing a smile.

Interesting, this girl is really interesting.

He was suddenly filled with anticipation over his future.

Although there were unsolved mysteries and questions he wanted to ask in his head, they were not urgent.

His time spent with her…..it was still quite long.

Mo Chuan walked over to the bed and sat down cross legged.  He did not go to sleep and just closed his eyes as he began to cultivate.

His internal energy went from his dantian out of his mind, covering his surroundings.  A dense amount of internal energy was released which seemed endless.

In such a state, even a flower petal falling in the courtyard would not be able to escape his eyes and ears.


A gentle sound rang in the night and Mo Chuan instantly perked his ears as he opened his eyes.

This was the sound of someone stepping on the tile.  This person’s qinggong was very high leveled, making no sound at all.  If he had not been releasing his internal energy, it would not have been easy to notice.

He quickly noticed that the sound was coming right to him.

Perhaps it was……

Mo Chuan knit his brows.  He had hidden himself and should not have been discovered by anyone.

Oh, he understood now.  This person wasn’t here for him, but rather her who was in the room beside him!

Sure enough, he hear footsteps even quieter than a cat’s heading towards Chen Ning’s room.

Humph, humph, such courage!

With him here, there was someone that wanted to hurt her?  In your dreams!

Mo Chuan made no sound as he stood up, not even letting out a single breath.

He could hear that this person’s qinggong was quite good and his internal energy was not bad, but compared to him, it was still quite inferior.

Standing in front of the window, he could see a long shadow being cast under the moonlight from the gap in the window.  That person’s figure was standing right in front of Chen Ning’s window.

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