Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 191

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Chapter 191: You can do it yourself

The waiter was not satisfied and could not help saying, “This customer must know that this dish is a treasure of our store, you can not find it in any other store at all.  As long as a customer tries it, they will never be able to forget the beautiful taste.”

“It just has a special shape to it, it’s not the best in the world.  You can go now.”  The black clothed man did not look at the waiter at all.

The waiter could not help secretly sticking out his tongue.  He felt as if this customer was truly too arrogant.

He did not dare offend the customer, so he left with a belly filled with disapproval.

Chen Ning looked over the black clothed man’s face.  From his reactions, she could tell that he really did not care that much about the dish everyone praised.

But she had personally written the recipe, so how could it be a normal dish?

She did not say anything and just picked up the small silver knife beside the dish.  She cut off a small piece of the golden roasted bird and dipped it in the fruit sauce on the side.  Then she rolled it up in a small wrap forming a little spring roll before putting it on the black clothed man’s plate.

Her hands were very dexterous and it was like a flower blooming in her hands.  The black clothed man could not see through it and only reacted after she finished rolling up the little wrap.

He stared at the little roll on his plate for a while as if it wasn’t food, but rather it was a caterpillar.  

“If you don’t like it, I’ll eat it then.”

Chen Ning was a little annoyed.  This black clothed man was like a picky mother in law, how could eating something be that difficult!

She reached out to take it.

“I’ll eat it.”  The black clothed man gracefully picked up the roll and put it in his mouth without any hesitation.

He did not have any interest in this seemingly normal roll, but because she had personally wrapped it and he did not want to reject her good will, he ate it.  After chewing a few times, he revealed a strange look.

There was no need to doubt its crispiness, but strangely with each bite, a different taste kept appearing.  It was crispy while soft, sweet while crispy, clear while sweet, and it wasn’t greasy at all.

He really had never tasted anything like this before.  After giving it a try, he had no way of forgetting the taste at all.

For a while, he could not bear to swallow the delicious taste in his mouth.

His tongue could be said to have tasted everything in the world and there had never been a dish that had made him want a second helping.

After finishing off that small roll, he felt like he wanted more.  His eyes looked over at Chen Ning.

Chen Ning naturally understood what his eyes meant.  His meaning was, he wanted more!

You want more?  Too bad she didn’t want to wait on him!

This man’s background was quite big, even eating something required people to place it in front of him, but she was not his servant.

“If you want more, then do it yourself.”

Chen Ning had already skillfully made another roll for herself.  She placed the knife in front of him and then ate it with relish.

The black clothed man curled his lips as his eyes stared at Chen Ning.

Very good, this girl really has a lot of courage.  She even dared to reject his request.

Chen Ning did not even look at her.  After eating her roll and seeing that he had not moved, she picked up the silver knife and wrapped another roll.  She completely ignored the black clothed man staring at her and directly placed it in her mouth.

The veins on the black clothed man’s forehead almost popped.

“It’s so good, this phoenix’s nest is so good.  Yi?  Why aren’t you eating?  Do you not like it?  Alright, then I won’t be polite and enjoy it by myself.

Chen Ning cut off the final piece of the bird and smiled as she ate it in front of the black clothed man’s fire spewing eyes.

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