Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 190

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Chapter 190: Fresh water lotus

This was the fourth time he had seen her.

The first time he had met her on the street, she had ridiculed him.  He had looked back at her, but did not have any special impressions of her.

The second time he met her, she had been telling other people’s fortunes.  He could not help being attracted by the eloquent manner even though she had a normal face that had yellow skin.  Only that pair of clear eyes had been deeply imprinted in his mind.

The third time, he had saved her from the back of a horse.  That face covered in red spots had scared him, but it was a good thing he could control himself and revealed nothing.

But the current her had turned into a completely different person.

He almost did not recognize her at all.

Her face was completely cleaned without any makeup at all, but it felt like a gentle and warm spring breeze had just been blown into the room.

That soft as jade skin, with drops of water still on her face.  Her eyebrows were like new moons and her eyes seemed like they were made with paint.  Her cheeks had a slight red blush to it.  She was as charming as a fresh water lotus with dew drops on the petals.

He who had seen many different girls covered in makeup, his eyes shined at this moment.  He never expected that anyone would have this kind of beautiful natural appearance.

“Young master, if you keep staring at my face like this, I’m afraid my face will be melted by this young master’s gaze.”

Chen Ning saw how he was staring at her and she revealed a faint smile.  She took this opportunity to tease him with these words.

“Ke, ke, ke…..”  The black clothed man was currently holding a cup of tea and hearing his, he couldn’t help choking and coughing the tea back up.

He lowered his head and felt his face turn hot.  He never thought that there would be a day where he was teased like this.

This girl really had a lot of courage.

But he did not get angry.

His fingers gently rubbed the smooth cup.  He was debating how he would be able to tell his intentions for coming here without being rejected by her.

Chen Ning also curiously observed him.

She noticed that his eyebrows were thick and dense and his eyelashes were actually very long.  When he did not use those aggressive eyes to stare at her, the pressure she felt was reduced by quite a bit.

She noticed that his fingers were rubbing the teacup, but the teacup was already empty and he did not notice it.

Ths meant he was pondering a question and that question had to be related to her.

He did not look at her which meant that he did not know how to mention it to her.

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile because she knew that her judgement was not wrong.

She leaned back in her chair and poured herself a cup of tea.  She looked very relaxed as she quietly waited for him to speak first.

“Dear customers, the dishes are here!”

The black clothed man had not said anything and the waiter had already opened the door.  He placed the dishes they had ordered onto the table.

The first dish sent up immediately caught the black clothed man’s attention.

Before the dish even came in, a special fragrance had already filled their noses.

He saw a snow white porcelain dish covered in green branches being heavily stacked which was shaped like a bird’s nest.

There was a magnificent roasted golden bird in the nest facing the sky.  The shape was very strange and looking at it, it really looked like a phoenix.

The black clothed man couldn’t help laughing as he said, “This is the phoenix nest?”

The waiter smiled as he nodded.  There was a proud expression on his face.

As long as he brought this dish in front of a customer, he would hear all kinds of praises.  Over this period of time, his ears had already been stuffed from all the praises he heard.

“It’s a little interesting.”  The black clothed man’s voice was very indifferent, feeling no surprise at all.

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