Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 187

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Chapter 187: This man’s heart is like the needle at the bottom of the sea

Although she had revealed her true appearance in front of the black clothed man, Chen Ning did not care about it.  It was fine as long as she did not reveal her true appearance to Chu Shao Yang.

“This is the second time you have saved me, so now I owe you two favours.  Un, it’s better if this doesn’t happen again.  I have something to do, so I’ll be leaving first.”

Chen Ning felt very uncomfortable with her face wet like this and she did not want to stay outside for long, so she pulled the date red horse and began to leave.

The black clothed man had no expression, but he could not help thoughtfully looking at her back and rubbing his chin.

Every time she met him, she would also quickly leave and try to talk to him as little as possible.  Was it really that hard for him to have her stay a little longer?

Although he didn’t know the one he was saving was her and he didn’t want any reward, her leaving like this, wasn’t this not putting him in her eyes at all?

The black clothed man had never been hated like this before and his heart was filled with grievances.  His figure flashed and he appeared right in front of Chen Ning.

“Miss, wait a minute.”


Chen Ning never would have thought that he would suddenly appear in front of her and she slammed into his firm but flexible chest.  This man with a unique silent aura suddenly appeared right in front of her.

“Do you still need something?”

She raised her head and when she saw the man’s deep as an abyss eyes, her heart skipped a beat.

He wouldn’t keep pestering her, right?

“Is miss trying to leave like this?”  The black clothed cleared his throat and asked.

“Then what does the young master want to do?”  Chen Ning raised her brows and her lips curled into a smile, “Does the young master wish for me to use my body to repay you for saving my life?”

She remembered the last time she had said “repaying with my body”, this man had an expression like he had been bitten by a poisonous snake.

Who would have thought that after saying it this time, the man would be completely silent while a pair of deep and dark eyes looked at her, like he was inspecting her body.

“He, he, I am just joking, young master should not mind it.  How about I treat the young master to a meal?  I wonder if the young master is willing to accept this?”

She quickly changed the topic out of fear that this man would nod in agreement.  She would be kicking a stone if that really happened.”

“Alright.”  The man seemed satisfied as he moved to the side and allowed her to move.

Chen Ning let out a secret sigh of relief.  This black clothed man’s heart was like the needle at the bottom of the sea, hard to find.

Although she could see through other people’s hearts with tiny expressions, she could not see through this black clothed man.

His face was always expressionless.  Other than his eyes that moved, his entire face was completely stiff.

“Last time young master had to leave and did not have a chance to try the four dishes, so how about we go back to the Tai He Floor?”  Chen Ning proposed.

“Alright.”  The black clothed man nodded and headed off in the direction of the Tai He Floor.

Chen Ning bit her lips and looked at this man’s tall and straight back.  She knew that she had no chance of escaping, so she let out a sigh and followed behind this black clothed man.

With a breeze blowing by, she felt a chill coming from her back.  It was the cold sweat covering her.

Thinking of what just happened, she was still filled with fear.

She stared at the black clothed man’s back.  This lots of money, he was really quite skilled.  Not only was his qinggong good, his internal strength was also quite incredible.

Chen Ning knew just how strong the date red horse’s charge was, but he had grabbed the rein with his left hand and had attacked the horse’s head with his right hand, causing it to kneel, but suffer no injuries.  Not only had she never seen this before, she had never even heard of it before.

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