Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 177

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Chapter 177: Head being squeezed by the door

Chu Shao Yang was not stupid.  He could understand Chen Ning’s meaning immediately and his rage grew.

He clenched his fist and resisted the urge to choke her to death.  He angrily asked her, “What did you tell my royal aunt about me?”

If she did not tell on him, then the eldest princess would not have come to find him as soon as she left the Flowing Cloud Pavilion and began to scold him.  He was completely confused when she started scolding him and without any time to react, the eldest princess pulled out her sword and attacked him without saying anything else.

How could he dare to use a weapon against the eldest princess?  He just dodged to the left and right and the eldest princess left holes all over his clothes.  There were sword marks all over his body and there was a section mission from his black hair, making him seem like he was in a very difficult situation.

It was a good thing that the princess only wanted to teach him a lesson and did not want to harm him, otherwise he would have been missing a few limbs.

He thought about it and instantly knew that it was Chen Ning without a doubt.

Chen Ning slowly turned around and a faint smile appeared on her lips.  She asked back, “Complain about you?  Only people that have grievances would complain about others.  If your highness is saying that this princess would complain about you, isn’t that saying that you have wronged this princess?”

“You!”  Chu Shao Yang choked on his rage.

He never knew that his princess had such a sharp mouth before, but after the wedding hall incident, every word that came from her mouth were like arrows and daggers, stabbing into his heart.

After seeing just how powerful her mouth is, Chu Shao Yang realized that he could not out talk her.

The most important thing was, he knew that he slightly deserved to be beaten like this.

He had kicked her into the lake.  If it wasn’t for the fact that she could swim, she would have drowned in the lake.

If this matter was known by his uncle, the emperor, then he would be suffering a very painful lesson.

The emperor’s lesson would not be as “gentle” as the eldest princess’.

Thinking of the emperor’s skills, the anger Chu Shao Yang felt quickly dissipated.

“It’s getting late and this princess is heading you bed.  If your highness is not leaving, are you planning to stay the night in my Flowing Cloud Pavilion?  This princess does not might, but I’m afraid that if this were to get out to my little sister in the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion, my little sister would definitely be filled with anger.  From now on, your highness might not be able to enter my little sister’s bed anymore.”

After Chen Ning finished speaking, she pursed her lips and gave a laugh.

Chu Shao Yang stared at her red spotted face and his eyes filled with a cold glow.

This kind of ugly face, he wanted to vomit just looking at her.  She actually wanted him to stay here and share a bed with her?

In her dreams!

He gave a heavy snort and then without saying anything, he turned to leave.

Chen Ning laughed as she watched his leaving back.

It really was like she predicted.  As long as she mentioned staying here, he would run away faster than a little rabbit.

Pei, he actually thinks she likes him.

“In the hour of the Monkey tomorrow, come to the eastern suburb’s racetrack!”  Chu Shao Yang had walked to the door before suddenly turning around and saying this to her.

[TL Note: Hour of the Monkey is 3-5 pm]

“What?”  Chen Ning was stunned as she looked at him with a puzzled expression.

Chu Shao Yang suddenly came close and a large palm tightly grabbed her neck.  Chen Ning suddenly felt that it was hard to breathe.

Her eyes were opened wide as she stared at Chu Shao Yang’s eyes filled with killing intent, but there was no fear in her eyes at all.

“This king is warning you, stop playing tricks on this king!  If you want to win back this king’s heart, there is no chance!”  He was grinding his teeth and his eyes were red, just like he was staring at an enemy that had killed his father.

Chen Ning thought it was strange.

She wanted to win back his heart?  Had this man’s head been hit or squeezed by the door?

When did she ever have this intention?

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