Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 176

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Chapter 176: Full of support

“Good words!  Ha, ha, this princess really wants to see that brat call you aunt.  How about we go see that little brat now and make him call you aunt right now?”

With her straightforward personality, she pulled Chen Ning and began walking away.

Chen Ning was shocked.  She did not want to see Chu Shao Yang right now.

She looked over and said with a smile, “Eldest princess, I don’t want to see him.”

“Why?”  The eldest princess turned around and suddenly noticed that there was something strange with Chen Ning’s face.  She asked in a surprised voice, “What happened to your face?”

Chen Ning realized that she still had not washed off the makeup on her face.  She suddenly thought of an idea and said, “This was a good thing done by your nephew.”

The eldest princess immediately knit her brows, “He hit you?”

Chen Ning shook her head and told the eldest princess of what Chu Shao Yang did to her at the lake.

When the eldest princess heard this, she pulled out her sword and swung it twice.

“That stinky little brat, not seeing the golden ornament in front of him and treating a pebble as a pearl, he is completely blind!  He’s ignoring a great girl like you and yet he stubbornly chooses to favour your little sister.  Although this princess has not seen her before, I still know that she isn’t anything good, humph!  Little sister Ning, you just wait, this princess will go beat that little brat up and help you vent your anger!  If he dares to bully you or make a move against you, just tell this princess.  If this princess cannot discipline him, then I’ll tell my royal brother and have him fiercely beat his butt!”

She angrily charged out.

Chen Ning shouted, “Eldest princess, eldest princess!”  Then she chased after her.

The eldest princess walked like she was flying and soon she completely disappeared from sight.

Chen Ning stopped and her lips curled into a faint smile.

She went back in with a peaceful mind, having no doubts that Chu Shao Yang would suffer at the hands of the eldest princess.

He could only blame himself.

“Young miss, the eldest princess’ expression was not good.”

“Princess consort, the eldest princess seemed like she was angry.”

The three maids had seen how happy the princess was when she came and how angry she was when she left, they couldn’t help feeling worried.  They surrounded Chen Ning with curious looks on their faces.

Chen Ning raised her brows and said in an uncaring tone, “That’s right, the eldest princess was angry.”

The three of them looked like a disaster had happened.

“What are you scared of?”  Chen Ning gave a laugh, “The one the eldest princess is angry with is his highness, not this princess.”

Hearing this, the three of them patted their chest as they let out a breath of air.

But Chen Ning’s proud mood did not last long.  As soon as she finished her dinner, she received some bad news.

“Princess consort, his highness…..His highness is here to see you.”  The one to report in was still Chun Tao.

She stumbled in, panting as she burst through the door.  The look on her face was not joy anymore, rather it was fear.

In a single day, his highness had come to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion twice.  This was something that she never would have even dreamed about.

“He’s here again?”

Chen Ning revealed a frown.

He wouldn’t be here to punish her after suffering the eldest princess’ lesson, right?

She couldn’t help feeling that it was lucky that she still had not washed off the makeup on her face.

Chu Shao Yang came in like a gust of wind and stood in front of Chen Ning with a gloomy look on his face.

Chen Ning sat at the table without moving, not even lifting her butt.  She looked at Chu Shao Yang through the mirror and her lips curled into a smile.

“Your highness has come to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion once again.  Is it because the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion’s food is too good and your highness ran here to help digest the food?”

The underlying message here was, did you have your fill of my support?

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