Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 171

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Chapter 171: Stealing a kiss


Chen Ning smiled and then gave a loud yawn.  She felt like she was very tired.

She had already gone two days without sleeping and with this cool breeze and quiet environment, the soft grass felt like a bed to her.

“Xiao Bai, send me back, I’m tired.”  She gently leaned on his shoulder and closed her eyes.


Chu Shao Bai replied, but his body did not move at all.

He could not bear to leave.

As long as she was by his side, he felt warm and sweet.  But when he thought about returning her to his third brother, his chest felt like it was blocked.

Chen Ning only wanted to pretend for a bit, but after closing her eyes, she fell into a deep sleep.

When he did not hear her speak, Chu Shao Bai turned around and realized that she had fallen asleep on his shoulders.

Her quiet sleeping form, it seemed like she was having a good dream.  Her lips were slightly raised just like a bright red chestnuts.

He suddenly felt his heart beat faster and his mouth go dry.  He wanted to look away, but he felt reluctant to do so.

A voice in his heart continued to tell him to kiss her, to secretly kiss her.  She definitely would not know.

He was completely entranced by this voice and slowly leaned in towards her.

Unknowingly, he was getting closer to her until her lips was right in front of him.  If he went in a little more, he would be able to touch them.

A hint of a sweet smell filled the air.  A few strands of hair were blown by the wind into his face, feeling very itchy.

There was also a small bug in his heart, slowly nibbling away at him.

He closed his eyes and prepared to recklessly kiss her lips, finally giving himself the sensation he desired all this time.

A gentle breeze blew and she shrunk back a bit, suddenly turning her body and shrinking into his body as if she was trying to find some warmth.

This sudden movement from her turned his body stiff.

His hands stretched out and placed them onto his own thighs out of fear of accidentally touching her body.

A fire burned deep down in his heart, almost melting him away.

She was leaning into his arms, but he did not dare to hug her.

He was still in the prime of his youth, how could he resist the enticement of holding this woman?

He was afraid that if he hugged her, he would do something that he would regret.

But he was also very hesitant to leave.

The heavens knew that he had already seen this kind of scene in his dreams before, but he would always wake up and discover that it was all a dream.

His heart was filled with anguish and every second was sweet torment for him.

Chen Ning just leaned in his arms, having a peaceful sleep.


In the early spring morning, the birds continued to chirp and sing.

Chen Ning had been awakened by the birds chirping outside of her window.

She tiredly opened her eyes and saw that she was in her room in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, with nothing that seemed wrong.

She was still wearing the same clothes as last night and it was completely neat.  The knot on the clothing had all been personally tied by her, with nothing being untied.

Chen Ning sat up and gave a gentle laugh.

That Xiao Bai, he really is a gentleman.  He did not take advantage of the fact that she was sleeping to do anything to her.

“Princess consort, princess consort!”  There were sudden footsteps that sounded outside and knocking sounds could be heard on the door.

Chun Tao’s excited voice called out, “Princess consort, are you up yet?  Let me tell you something good.  His highness, his highness is here to see you and is in front of the Flowing Cloud Pavilion’s gate right now!  Princess consort……”

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