Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 172

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Chapter 172: A strict tone

What highness?  That highness?

Chen Ning had just awakened and was still very confused.

She suddenly gained her wits and jumped out of bed immediately with her eyes wide open.

This was the King Ding Yuan palace, what other highness would there be?  It was naturally Chu Shao Yang.

Damn, why would Chu Shao Yang come to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion?

He was definitely here to get payback!

This was the first thought Chen Ning could think of.

This is bad, she had to escape!

Chen Ning opened the window and prepared to jump out.

But thinking about it, it seemed wrong.  It was impossible for Chu Shao Yang to figure out that it was her in just one night.

Do not panic, do not panic.  You can’t panic in front of that trash man and show any flaws.

She could not help despising herself.

If she were to escape, it would show that she had a guilty conscience and would arouse Chu Shao Yang’s suspicions.

She gave a gentle cough and walked over to open the door.  She calmly looked at Chun Tao said in a relaxed voice, “Isn’t it just Chu Shao Yang coming, what is all the ruckus about?  Look at your nervous appearance, this princess almost thought that there had been a wild boar that had broken into our courtyard.”

Hearing Chen Ning’s words, Chun Tao revealed an embarrassed look.  She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

She was excited to the point of her face turning red because this was the first time she had seen his highness take the initiative to visit the princess.  As a maid of the palace, she naturally wished that his highness and the princess would make up.  If the princess regained his highness’ favour, then their status among the maidservants would certainly be raised.

“Coming this early in the morning, what does he want?  Tell him that I have a cold and won’t see him.”  Chen Ning casually said.

“Princess consort, his highness heard that you were sick and that’s why he came to pay you a visit.  Princess, this servant will pump some water for you to wash up with and then will you go and greet his highness?”  Chun Tao did not want Chen Ning to miss this kind of heaven sent opportunity.

“He has his legs and it’s him coming to visit the ill, not this princess asking him here.  Why should this princess go and greet him?  Go tell him that this princess is sick and can’t get out of bed.  If he is not afraid of catching this princess’ illness, then he can just come in. “

Chen Ning looked to the side and saw that Chu Shao Yang’s figure was already appearing in her line of sight.

She suddenly realized that she was still wearing the same clothes and her face did not have any makeup on it.

This is bad!

It was already too late to change her clothes, so she rushed over to her dresser to grab a box of makeup.  She quickly jumping into bed and pulled the sheet up to her neck.

This movement was very smooth.  Before she even had a chance to catch her breath, she heard a knock coming from the door and Chu Shao Yang walked in.

Although Chen Ning really wanted to open the curtains and see what Chu Shao Yang looked like after being blown up, she resisted the urge to do so.

Chu Shao Yang had a livid face and it was so depressing that it almost began to rain.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, he had heard Chen Ning and Chun Tao’s conversation from inside the room.  When he heard Chen Ning compare him to a wild boar, he was so angry that his chest almost exploded.

He forced it all down and stopped himself from exploding.

He was already a bit accustomed to Chen Ning’s strict tone.  If she ever said anything nice about him, that would seem very strange.

“Go out!”

As soon as he entered, he immediately looked over at the curtained bed, not looking at Chun Tao at all.

Chun Tao shook a bit and then quickly left.

Chu Shao Yang’s white as jade face seemed like it had been beaten by something several times.  There were green and red bruises and his left eye was swollen, giving him a very embarrassing appearance.

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