Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 161

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Chapter 161: Carefully prepared present

“Young miss, are you an immortal?  You can even guess this!  This servant had placed the empty basket here and when I woke up this morning, it was actually filled with eggs!  Could there be a heavenly chicken coming down and laying eggs?”

Xiao Ru excitedly lifted up the basket as if there would be a treasure falling from the sky.

Chen Ning’s heart skipped a beat.

It has to be Chu Shao Bai!

She was already 100% sure that other than Chu Shao Bai, there would be no one else that could do this.

But why did he stubbornly send her eggs and nothing else?

What was the meaning of this?

Chen Ning suddenly thought of something he had said when he had given her the fragrant ice, which clearly rang out in her ears right now.

“That day when you were drunk, you wanted some fragrant ice.  Also you wanted some chicken eggs and some other stuff that I didn’t hear clearly……”

The corners of her lips drew back and she couldn’t help breaking out in laughter.

She really could not remember what kind of nonsense she said on the night she got drunk.  He had heard “refrigerator” as “fragrant ice”, but what did he interpret this “collecting eggs” from?

When she met Chu Shao Bai again, she would definitely ask him.

Only…..Would he ever appear in front of her again?

He had sent the eggs to her door and had not shown himself to her.  This clearly meant that he was still angry with her and did not want to see her.

“Young miss, this servant will put the eggs away.  These are all heaven sent eggs, so they must all be treasures.”  Xiao Ru tightly held the basket and said.

Chen Ning was immersed in her thoughts and gently gave an “un” sound.  She was not paying any attention to what Xiao Ru said.

Xiao Ru happily took the eggs out of the basket and placed them into the cupboards.  She reached out and also picked up the eggs she placed on the table yesterday.

“Young miss, this servant will put these eggs with the others, alright?”

Chen Ning turned around when she heard this.  Seeing Xiao Ru pick up one of the eggs, her expression changed.

“Xiao Ru!  Don’t move!  You definitely cannot move!”  She looked very nervous like what Xiao Ru picked up wasn’t an egg, but rather a bomb.

Xiao Ru had never seen the young miss reveal this kind of expression before.  Her heart filled with fear and her hand shook, then the egg fell out her hand.

It was a good thing Chen Ning reacted quickly and carefully caught the egg in her palm.  Then she let out a sigh of relief.

“Xiao Ru, do you know?  You almost kicked a hornet’s nest.”

“Hornet’s nest?”  Xiao Ru carefully looked at the egg in Chen Ning’s hands and scratched her head with a puzzled look, “This is not a hornet’s nest, this is clearly an egg.  Young miss, although this servant isn’t well learned, I still do know the difference between eggs and hornet nests.”

“……”  Chen Ning was speechless as she looked up.  She could not help rolling her eyes.

God, it might be better if you take Xiao Ru away!

“Princess consort, is there anything different about these eggs?”  Chun Tao was quite observant, she could see that there was a red dot on each of the eggs which the ones in the cupboard did not have.

“Un, it’s different, very different.  You guys are not allowed to move the eggs on my desk.  You aren’t even allowed to touch them, do you understand?”

Chen Ning revealed serious expression and then carefully placed the eggs in her hand onto the table.

These red dotted eggs were the products of an entire day’s work.  The hard to create “results”.

Chu Shao Yang, I hope you enjoy this present I carefully prepared for you.

Her eyes began to shine.

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