Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 160

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Chapter 160: Disturbing one’s sleep

Xiao Ru suddenly burst into tears, not being able to control her excitement.

Chun Tao and Xia He were also overjoyed, almost cheering out loud.  That explosion just now had scared them half to death.

If someone were to happen to the princess consort, they wouldn’t have a good future in the king’s palace.

“Alright, I’m fine, there’s no need for you to worry.  Wash up and go to sleep, you’re not allowed to bother me anymore, do you understand?”  Chen Ning said with a trace of impatience in her voice.

The three maids looked her and stuck out their tongues.  None of them dared to say anything, but they didn’t feel assured by Chen Ning’s words.  In the end, Chun Tao brought some blankets over and the three maids guarded outside the door, staying the entire night.

All the way until late at night, the three of them unconsciously fell asleep.

After the sun rose, Xiao Ru was the first one to open her eyes and she sleepily let out a yawn.  Suddenly, she was surprised and her eyes popped out as she stared at the basket in front of her.

This basket that had been empty last night before she went to sleep was actually filled with eggs now!

The young miss was correct!

Her chin fell down and she stared at the basket of eggs in a daze for quite a while.  Then she suddenly thought of something and charged to the door, placing her ear against it.

She realized the room was completely silent and not a sound could be heard.

“Young miss!  Young miss!”

She was scared to death because something must have happened to the young miss!

“Princess consort!”  Chun Tao and Xia He woke up at the same time.  Their first reaction was also that something had happened to the princess consort!

“You three, why are you disrupting someone’s sleep this early in the morning!  You really are annoying!”

Chen Ning’s lazy voice came from inside the room.

Then a “guang dang” sound rang out and the door opened.

“Young miss!”

“Princess consort!”

When the three maids saw that Chen Ning was safe and sound, they were pleasantly surprised.  When their eyes fell on Chen Ning’s face, their chins almost fell off.

“God, princess consort, how did you become this way?”  Chun Tao’s mouth was wide enough to fit an egg in.

“Princess consort, you, you…..”  Xia He was stunned, having trouble saying anything.

Only Xiao Ru’s eyes began to glow as her eyes filled with pleasant surprise.

“Young miss, your hair is truly beautiful.  How did you even get it that way?  It’s really good, really beautiful!”

After staying in her room for a day and night, Chen Ning had completely changed her appearance.

Her white as jade face had turned completely dark.  Her eyes were bloodshot like she was very tired, but the light in her eyes still sparkled.

The most shocking thing was her hair that was like a dark cloud.

The originally smooth and silky hair was now curling up like waves.  Still each strand of hair exuded a kind of glow.

Xiao Ru circled around Chen Ning feeling very envious.

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile, but she did not say anything.

She could not tell these three maids that because her experiments failed, her hair was turned this way by the firecracker explosions.

This would be too embarrassing for her as the princess.

“Young miss, this servant also wants a hairstyle as pretty as this.”  Xiao Ru said.

“Alright, this isn’t hard.  It can’t be any easier.”  Chen Ning smiled and looked at Xiao Ru, having fun teasing her.

Xiao Ru did not understand this and began to happily jump up.

“Young miss, this servant knows you are the best to this servant.”  Her smile stretched from ear to ear.

“No rush, no rush.”  Chen Ning smiled.  When her eyes fell onto the basket filled with eggs, she let out a “yi” sound.

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