Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 152

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Chapter 152: Framing someone

She refused to acknowledge the pain and gripped Lan Xiang’s wrist as she said with gritted teeth, “Is what you said true?  Now only has that cheap woman not died, his highness has even allowed her to live in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion?”

Her long nails sunk deep into Lan Xiang’s skin.

Lan Xiang did not dare to show her pain and endured it as she replied, “Yes, yes.  Concubine consort, this servant has asked clearly and would not dare to lie to the concubine consort.”

“But why is she not dead yet?  Why would his highness allow her to live in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion!”  Chen Bi Yun angrily shouted.

Of course she knew what kind of place the Flowing Cloud Pavilion was, it was her dream residence.

Although her Intoxicated Flower Pavilion was pretty good, it still could not compare with the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.

Although his highness loved her, he still had not given her the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.  In the end, he had given it to that damn cheap woman, Chen Ning!

Chen Bi Yun’s heart was bit by a poisonous snake named jealousy and her eyes seemed to be filled with flames.

“This servant does not dare say.”  Lan Xiang trembled as she looked at her.  She was feeling more pain coming from her head since Chen Bi Yun’s nails had already drawn blood.

“If you don’t say it, I’ll beat a cheap servant like you to death!”  Chen Bi Yun was as gentle as water in front of Chu Shao Yang, but in front of Lan Xiang, she had this fierce experience and was angrily shouting.

“It’s……It’s like this,”  Lan Xiang swallowed a mouthful of saliva and told Chen Bi Yun everything she had heard.

Chen Bi Yun was more annoyed the more she heard, especially after she heard that Eldest Princess An Le had paid a visit just to see Chen Ning.  She was filled with even more hate as she bit her lips.

If the eldest princess supported Chen Ning, how would she go against that cheap woman in the future!

“Cheap woman!  That damn cheap woman!  How did she meet the eldest princess?”

“This servant does not know either.”  Lan Xiang replied in a low voice.

“What does this concubine need you for if you don’t know anything!”  Chen Bi Yun gave a heavy slap onto Lan Xiang’s face.

She treated Lan Xiang in front of her as Chen Ning and sent out slap after slap, making her feel better.

“This servant knows her wrongs, please calm your anger concubine consort.”  Lan Xiang did not dare to dodge and could only kneel down while suffering her venting.

Chen Bi Yun kept slapping until she was tired and she stopped herself while panting.

She looked at the swollen faced Lan Xiang and coldly said, “How did your face become like this?  If his highness asks, what will you say?”

Lan Xiang endured her pain and said, “It’s, it’s because this servant accidentally fell down.  Fell…..Fell down.”

“Pa!’  Another slap fell down on her face.

“One more time!”

“It’s……It’s from being beaten by someone the princess sent!”  Lan Xiang suddenly realized something as she blurted this out.

Chen Bi Yun finally gave a slight nod and then asked.

“The princess is already living in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, why would she beat you for no reason?”

Lan Xiang gritted her teeth and said, “This servant was following the concubine consort’s orders and brought a present to the princess’ Flowing Cloud Pavilion, but the princess not only rejected to let this servant in, she even sent someone to teach this servant a lesson.  So…..that is how this servant’s face became like this.”

Chen Bi Yun finally revealed a satisfied expression and raised a hand to stroke Lan Xiang’s cheek as she said, “Very good, you are someone on my side, so her beating you is equivalent to hitting me.  This concubine will definitely find his highness and get justice for you.”

“This servant thanks the concubine consort for her grace.”  Lan Xiang endured her tears as she replied.

“There is still one more thing.  That cheap person was clearly seriously ill and spitting up blood, right about to die, so how was she cured in a single night?”  Lan Xiang, have you heard anything about this?”  Chen Bi Yun frowned and bit her lips while being filled with hate.

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