Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 153

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Chapter 153: Going for wool and coming back shorn

“This servant has already asked around.”

“Oh, what is the reason?”

“This servant has heard the things Housekeeper Xu’s subordinates said.  They said that the princess has eaten the sweet potatoes at the wooden hut, but no one had thought that the sweet potatoes would actually be medicine.  The princess had only eaten it twice, but her illness had been completely cured.  Everyone that talked about this was amazed, also, also…….”  Lan Xiang hesitantly looked at Chen Bi Yun.

Chen Bi Yun revealed a look of jealousy and hatred, “Say it!”

“I’ve heard that the princess has also asked for the wooden hut from his highness.  It’s said that the sweet potatoes from that yard are life saving elixirs and no one is allowed to touch them.”  Lan Xiang said.

“Is that so?”  When Chen Bi Yun heard everything, she suddenly revealed a cold smile on her face, “Very good, since no one is allowed to touch them, this concubine wants to go and take a look.  I want to see what kind of treasure the sweet potato in that courtyard is!”

She did not wait another second and brought Lan Xiang to visit the wooden hut.

If the sweet potatoes in that courtyard really has the ability to revive people, then she would take it all.  She would not leave a single one for that cheap woman, Chen Ning!


After Chen Ning had moved to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, she had called Chun Tao and Xia He over to serve by her side.

Especially for Xia He, she had words of praise for her.

The eldest princess visiting the King Ding Yuan’s palace was all because Xia He had sent news over to the eldest princess.  These two maids were already filled with admiration for Chen Ning.

After finishing her breakfast, Chen Ning saw Chun Tao and Xia He standing at  the side winking at each other and with strange smiles on their faces.

She looked over and pursed her lips into a smile as she asked, “What happened now?”

Xia He quickly said, “Princess consort, when you hear this news, you will definitely be filled with joy.”

“What happened?”  Chen Ning asked.

Xia He did not say anything and just laughed.  She bent over as she continued laughing.

Chen Ning rolled her eyes and pointed at Chun Tao as she said, “You tell me then.”

“Yes, princess consort.”  Chun Tao was a year older than Xian He and was more mature, but she still could not conceal the smile on her face.

“These servants heard a funny joke earlier.  We’ve heard that yesterday, concubine Chen suddenly went to the wooden hut and somehow, she fell into the manure pit.  Her personal slave Lan Xiang quickly tried to save her, but in the end, both of them fell in, ending up being completely covered in dung.  The two of them spent several hours in the pit before they were noticed by the night guards.  I heard that even after taking seven-eight baths, concubine Chen still stunk of poop.  They smelled so bad that his highness couldn’t even stay a cup of tea’s time before rushing off.  Ha, ha, princess, isn’t this hilarious?”

The three maids laughed together.

Chen Ning couldn’t help smiling as well.

Her eyes shined as she picked up a cup of tea and she was laughing as she drank the tea.

Xia He finally suppressed her laughter and said, “His highness had asked concubine Chen why she had gone to the wooden shed for no reason and concubine Chen said that she had heard there were medicinal sweet potatoes there, so she wanted to dig out a few for his highness.  She never would have thought that other than the sweet potatoes planted there, there would also be a giant manure pit.  Ha, ha, this is what is called going for wool and coming back shorn.  It is the bad luck she deserves for trying to steal from our princess consort!”

Chun Tao smiled and added, “That concubine Chen wanted to ask his highness for a favour, but in the end she was scolded by his highness.  His highness has placed restrictions on concubine Chen and said that she is no longer allowed to take a single step out of the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion!”

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