Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 146

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Chapter 146: Running in the opposite direction

Housekeeper Xu did not dare argue back or resist, he just reluctantly laid on the ground suffering the punches and kicks thrown at him.

After venting his anger, Chu Shao Yang felt a little better.  Seeing Housekeeper Xu who had had beaten up, he gave a deep snort.

“Get up for this king!  Lead the way, we’re going to the wooden hut!”


After Housekeeper Xu left, Chen Ning gave orders to Xiao Ru.

“Pack up our things.”

Xiao Ru happily agreed.

They didn’t bring a lot with them, so it didn’t take long before it was all packed up into a little bag.

“Young miss, do you think his highness……will really come and ask you to go to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion?”  Xiao Ru looked at Chen Ning with a gaze of disbelief.

“Un.”  Chen Ning giggled as she nodded.  Then she poked the tip of Xiao Ru’s nose, “You don’t like living in this wooden hut, so we’ll go and live in the best residence in the palace.  I believe you will like it there.”

“But……But……”  Xiao Ru still had a confused expression on her face, “You have never met that Eldest Princess An Le, so why is she visiting you for no reason?”

“About this, you will find out soon.”  Chen Ning gave a mysterious smile.  She looked outside the window and suddenly thought of something.

“Xiao Ru, bring the mirror and makeup over.”

Xiao Ru was filled when happiness when she heard this.  Once the young miss heard that his highness was coming, she had finally decided to make herself look beautiful.

The young miss was ten times prettier compared to the second miss, but it was a pity that in the Guo Gong Palace, the young miss treated the second miss as a good person and believed everything the second miss said.

The second miss had sent the young miss large amounts of makeup and said that the more makeup one had, the prettier they were.  So the young miss had painted her face completely green, thinking that she looked very beautiful.  The result was that once she went outside, everyone thought this young miss was an idiot.

Now the young miss had finally seen through the second miss’ charade.

If the young miss were to put on her makeup properly, she would completely leave everyone speechless.  Even King Ding Yuan who treated the second miss as a treasure would be completely shocked!

Chen Ning opened the powder box and began to coat her face.

Xiao Ru’s mouth turned into a circle.

“Young miss, why are you making yourself look so strange?”  Xiao Ru was about to burst into tears.

She was completely looking forward to seeing how the young miss would shock his his highness, but she never would have thought that the young miss would turn her beautiful face into a monkey’s butt once again.

Chen Ning was very satisfied as she turned around.

“Do I look good?”  She smiled and asked.

“You don’t.”  Xiao Ru pouted her lips as her belly filled with unhappiness.

“It’s good that I don’t look good.  He doesn’t want to see me and I don’t want to see him, so why should I reveal a good looking face to him?”  Chen Ning smiled, exposing a row of snow white teeth.

“But this servant doesn’t understand, why is the young miss doing this?  You are clearly prettier than the second miss and this servant believes that as long as his highness sees your face, he would definitely fall in love with you!  Do you not want to win his highness’ heart back and make up with him?”

Xiao Ru was truly thinking about what was good for Chen Ning.

In this era, the men were the heavens and women were the earth.  Once they were married, the wife would have to rely on the husband for a lifetime.

And men would have many wives and concubines, so every woman had to rack their minds everyday just to think of a way to win the favour of their husband.

But she couldn’t understand why the young miss was doing the exact opposite.  Other people fought for their husbands, but she was trying to push his highness away.

It was as if his highness was not a fragrant cake, but rather a disgusting pile of dung…….

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  1. joellyanne says:

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