Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 141

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Chapter 141: A ghost or a person

That damn Housekeeper Xu, why isn’t he reporting back?  Where did he put that cheap woman!

He scolded in his heart.

The eldest princess froze and raised an eyebrow as she stared at him, “How could this princess be afraid of a little brat like you, alright!  We’ll compete once, this princess wants to see if the martial arts of a little brat like you has improved or not.  You aren’t allowed to cry if you get taught a lesson by this princess!”

It felt like a stone had just fallen down in Chu Shao Yang’s heart as he laughed and said, “Then if royal aunt is injured by your nephew, you aren’t allowed to cry either!”

“Humph!  Do you think this princess is really that fragile?  Little brat, this princess thinks your skin must be quite itchy!  Let’s go!”

The eldest princess turned around and walked to the practice field with large strides.

Chu Shao Yang waved his hand and called a subordinate over.  He quietly ordered, “Quickly call Housekeeper Xu over to the practice field to see me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he rushed after the eldest princess, running right for the practice field.

Chu Shao Yang did not know that currently Housekeeper Xu was in a terrible fix, wishing he could kill himself with a noose.

He had taken a sedan over to the wooden hut thinking that he would see a sick princess in bed completely unable to move.  Who would have thought that he would see two young girls happily kicking a shuttlecock back and forth in front of the wooden hut.

The shuttlecock flew high in the air and the young girls’ bell like laughter was blown over like a gentle spring breeze.

Housekeeper Xu knit his brows.

He had already passed the order to the entire king’s palace that no one was allowed to come to this wooden shed.  He did know where these two maids came from, but they were truly daring if they dared to disobey his highness’ orders!

When he came closer, he recognized the young maid as the servant that the princess had brought as part of her dowry.  Her name was Xiao Ru.

As for the other girl…….

She smiled with an upraised chin.  Her eyes sparkled and she was in high spirits.  Her dazzling smile was completely unforgettable.

Who was she?

Housekeeper Xu stared at her for a while, but he still couldn’t recognize her.  He turned around to ask the others, but everyone just shook their head as none of them recognized her either.  Yet all their eyes were completely locked onto her.

He walked forward with a sinister face, but before he could speak.

Chen Ning’s eyes looked over as she had already seen him.  Then her eyes fell onto the sedan behind him.

They came really quickly!

Her lips slightly curled as she put away the shuttlecock.  She nodded at Housekeeper Xu, but did not say a single thing.

When Housekeeper Xu saw her proudly standing there with a noble appearance, his heart filled with anger.

Was there a single person in this palace that couldn’t recognize him?  Who wouldn’t bow down when they saw him?

But when this maid saw him, she actually raised her head, completely not putting him in her eyes at all!  Who does she think she is!

She was just a maid that wanted to rely on her beauty to earn a place in his highness’ bed.

Housekeeper Xu gave a heavy snort, “Who are you!  What is your name!  What is your post!”  The tone of his voice was very poor.

Chen Ning just revealed a faint smile and said nothing.

Xiao Ru walked forward and pointed at Housekeeper Xu as she shouted, “Who are you?  Whose servant are you!  You actually dare to scream at the princess consort, how bold!”

“What?  Prin, princess consort!”

Housekeeper Xu quickly moved back three steps as he stared at Chen Ning with wide open eyes.

Wasn’t the princess heavily injured and sick to the point where she was about to die?  How could she be laughing and jumping while playing with a shuttlecock?

Was the person in front of him not a person, but rather a ghost?

He suddenly felt a burst of cold air blowing across the back of his neck.  His legs turned soft and he only wanted to turn around and run away.

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