Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: Crows are normally black

Of course, Chu Shao Yang would not be completely serious and only make moves at the right time.  He would even deliberately reveal show a mistake and allow the eldest princess to taste a bit of sweetness.

Even though the eldest princess could not beat him, it was much more fun than fighting against the palace guards.

So whenever the eldest princess was in a foul mood, she would always show up at Chu Shao Yang’s house uninvited and fight with him.

In the past, whenever she heard the words “comparing notes”, the eldest princess’ eyes would alway light up and pull him straight to the practice grounds.

Who would have thought that this move from Chu Shao Yang would fail today.

The eldest princess did not even consider it before shaking her head, “You might want to compare notes, but this princess is in no mood to teach a stinky brat like you today.  Hey, stop talking so much, take me to see your princess quickly, this princess must see her today.  This princess has brought a lot of precious medicine and the best doctors in the country, so no matter how sick she is, this princess will still cure her!”

Chu Shao Yang secretly complained in his heart, but he did not dare go against the eldest princess’ will.  He could only laugh and say, “Then please wait a minute royal aunt.  I’ll let someone notify princess Chen to prepare her to welcome royal aunt.”

He could not understand it all no matter how much he thought about it.  How could Chen Ning enter into his royal aunt’s eyes and make her bring the best doctors in the country to treat her?

If she could really cure her……He would encounter even more trouble in the future!

The eldest princess frowned and said in an unhappy voice, “What greetings?  This princess does not like those kind of ceremonies.  Where does she live?  If you don’t want to see her, this princess will go by herself.”

After she finished speaking, her phoenix eyes narrowed as she coldly looked at Chu Shao Yang, “Stinky brat, this princess had thought you were different but it seems like all crows are black in this world.  You are just like those stinky men, marrying one after another.  You just married someone and then you take their little sister as a concubine three days later.  If you didn’t love her in the past, why did you even marry her!  Since you’ve married her, if you don’t treat her well, you will be despised by all the women in the world!”

Chu Shao Yang was scolded by her until his face turned red and blue.  He was opening his mouth to say something, but the eldest princess waved her hand and ignored him as she said, “Stop wasting time, where does Chen Ning live?  Peach Blossom Cove or Flowing Cloud Pavilion?”

She was very familiar with the King Ding Yuan Palace and said the two best locations right away.

Chu Shao Yang revealed an embarrassed expression as he hesitantly said, “The Peach Blossom Cove is your nephew’s favourite place and he has never let outsiders take a single step in……”

Before he could finished, the eldest princess cut him off, “Then it must be the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.  You can go and accompany your concubine, this princess will go to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion by herself.”

She did not even look back at Chu Shao Yang as she directly walked toward the Flowing Cloud Pavilion with large strides.

From the moment she had stepped off her carriage, she had not smiled at Chu Shao Yang at all.  It was clear that she was very displeased with him.

She had a very close relationship with her nephew and had never put on this kind of elder appearance in front of him before.  This was the first time she had scolded him this sternly.

Even though Chu Shao Yang was given the cold shoulder, she was his royal aunt so he didn’t dare say anything.  He just swallowed his dissatisfaction as he followed behind her.

“Royal aunt, let’s go to the practice field and exercise a little.  Your nephew has learned a new powerful set of palm techniques.  Royal aunt wouldn’t be afraid of nephew and be afraid to test it out, right?”

He deliberately provoked her trying to stall for more time.

Because he knew that Chen Ning wouldn’t be at the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.

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