Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 142

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Chapter 142: Blessing in disguise

But when he lowered his head, he saw Chen Ning’s figure on the ground and he couldn’t help scolding himself for being so cowardly.

With the sun still up, would ghosts still dare to come out!

He was once again filled with courage and he looked at Chen Ning with a suspicious gaze.  Then he bowed in front of Chen Ning, acting in a reasonable manner.

“Princess consort, this servant is surnamed Xu and is the housekeeper for this palace.  Following his highness’ orders, I have come to see the princess.”

He first tested her with this and then after he was finished, he asked in an uncertain tone, “This servant has heard that the princess consort was terribly ill, are you truly the princess?”

How could her illness be cured in a single night!

Has she eaten some kind of magical medicine?

Chen Ning looked over and saw the doubt in his eyes.  She gently said, “That’s right, this princess was quite ill and almost died.  Speaking of this princess being cured overnight, it is all thanks to his highness’ grace.”

“His…..His highness’ grace?”  Housekeeper Xu’s heart filled with confusion.

Would he not understand his highness’ thoughts?

His highness hated the princess to death, what kind of grace would he even show her?

“That’s right, this princess was only a breath away from death, but thanks to his highness’ grace, I was sent here to a peaceful place like this.  It seems like Housekeeper Xu also has a part in this, right?”  Chen Ning drew back her lips as she spoke in an ironic voice.

Housekeeper Xu’s face turned red as he lowered his head without daring to make a single sound.

“But this princess was truly lucky and received a blessing.  Who would have thought that in this little wooden hut, there would be a medicine to cure this princess, right?”  Chen Ning spoke with a faint smile on her face.  

“Medicine?  What medicine?”  Housekeeper Xu couldn’t help looking over at the wooden hut behind Chen Ning.

“What, does Housekeeper Xu want to know?”  Chen Ning raised her brows and pointed to the yard beside the hut, “There are sweet potatoes buried to the side and since you didn’t send us any food, my maid dug out some sweet potatoes for us to eat.  Who would have thought that these sweet potatoes would actually be a healing medicine.  When this princess woke up, my body felt a lot lighter, so I ate some more sweet potatoes and soon I was filled with energy that I could even play shuttlecock with my little maid here.  Tell me, isn’t this a blessing in disguise?”  After finishing she slightly pursed her lips and revealed a smile.

Housekeeper Xu and the people behind him all had wide open mouths as their faces filled with disbelief.

You can cure your illness by eating sweet potatoes?

This was truly the first time they had heard of this.

But the spirited look Chen Ning had now, they had no choice but to believe it.

“Then this servant must congratulate the princess consort.  With the princess being cured, his highness will definitely be filled with joy after receiving the news.” Housekeeper Xu spoke in a very dry tone that sounded very insincere.

Chen Ning just smiled, feeling too lazy to punish him for his lies.  She gently said, “Nobody goes anywhere without a reason, for someone like Housekeeper Xu to personally come to the little wooden hut, I wonder what reason you have for coming to find this princess?  If you want to take away the sweet potatoes here, then this princess will definitely not allow that to happen.”

“Please don’t joke with this servant princess.  These sweet potatoes cured your illness, so how could this servant dare?”  Housekeeper Xu revealed an awkward look as he decided on how to proceed.

“Alright, then just tell me what you need.”  Chen Ning impatiently looked at him.

Housekeeper Xu rolled his eyes and then suddenly thought of an idea.

“Reporting to the princess consort, his highness was worried that your illness would spread and that’s why he had this servant send you here.  Now his highness is filled with regret and wishes to prepare another residence for the princess consort, that is why he has sent this servant here today to pick up the princess.  Princess, please look.  This sedan chair was specially prepared for the princess by his highness.  Would the princess please sit down and let us take you to your new residence?  His highness also said that after you have settled in, he would personally come and see you.”

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