Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Fragrant Ice

This Chu Shao Bai wouldn’t wouldn’t be childish enough to play this kind of game on her, right?

She suspiciously looked over at Chu Shao Bai, but she only saw that he was a little excited, a little nervous, and filled with a little anticipation.

Opening the cotton bag and opening the little box, Chen Ning couldn’t help making an “ah” sound when she saw what was inside the box.

Her voice was filled with praise and wonder.

What appeared in front of her was an crystal clear ice flower that seemed like it was carved from crystals..

This was a snow white lotus and each petal was meticulously carved out.  Curling out from the centre, completely life like.

“Do you like it?”  Chu Shao Bai’s eyes continued to stare at her face.  Seeing her happy smile, he couldn’t stop his lips from curling up.

“I like it.”  Chen Ning did not hide anything as she nodded.

This beautiful ice lotus was like a work of art.  It shined brightly under the moonlight and the strangest thing was that she could smell a faint lotus fragrance.  

The fragrance was actually coming from the ice lotus!

But this flower was clearly carved from ice.  Chen Ning could not believe her eyes.  How could it reveal a real snow lotus’ fragrance?

“This flower carved from ice……How could it have a fragrance?”  She couldn’t help raising her long eyelashes.

Leaning in, she felt that the aroma was very fragrant.

Chu Shao Bai could also smell a fragrant aroma, but it was the young girl’s aroma coming from her body.  It was very refreshing and made him feel drunk, just like he had been drinking.

Especially after seeing her glittering eyes and her slightly flushed cheeks, he fell into a daze just looking at her.

Third brother……Is he blind?

He would actually ignore such a beautiful girl and would go pamper a vulgar woman like Chen Bi Yun!

At this moment, he was very glad that his third brother had never seen her beauty.

“Hey, I’m asking you why is this ice flower so fragrant!”

When Chen Ning saw that he was just staring at her without saying a word, she couldn’t help asking him something.

He suddenly realized his mistake and gave an embarrassed cough, quickly looking away.

“This is what you wanted, so of course it would have a fragrance.”  He said in a casual tone.

Chen Ning knit her brows as she revealed a confused expression.

“That day when you were drunk, you wanted some fragrant ice.  Also you wanted some chicken eggs and some other stuff that I didn’t hear clearly, but I did clearly hear this fragrant ice.  Tell me, is this ice……very fragrant?”  His eyes glittered.

He said it so easily but only the heavens knew that because of this one sentence of hers, he had spent quite a bit of effort and went through a lot of danger to get this fragrant ice flower in the warm spring march.  

Of course, he would not tell her a single word.

He did all of this just to see her smile.

So he did all of this.

“Fragrant……Ice?  Fragrant ice?”  Chen Ning was a little confused, but she tried hard to remember what she said when she was drunk that night.  She suddenly realized something and then broke out in laughter.

It became more interesting as she thought about it and finally she was laughing while holding her sides.

What she wanted was a refrigerator, not some fragrant……ice.

This Chu Shao Bai truly was a rare person!

But while she was laughing, there was something that laughing couldn’t chase away.  Her eyes teared up a little as a touched feeling grasped onto her heart.

Looking up, her eyes seemed like it was covered in a layer of mist and seeing this made his heart beat fast.

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