Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: I won’t admit anything even if beaten to death

“Shao Bai, why are you so nice to me?”  She said in a gently voice.

This was the first time she had said his name and the first time she didn’t see him as a mischievous young man.  

He looked at her spring water and autumn moon like beautiful eyes and his heart began to beat even faster.

“I like to see your smile!”  He blurted out.

Actually, she always smiled, but the smile never reached her eyes.

The first time he saw her in the wedding hall, she always had a smile on her face.  Even though her face was painted to make her look ugly, she had always been smiling and that smile had been filled with ridicule and sarcasm.

Seeing her smile like that, not caring about how his third brother and his newly married concubine revealed ugly expressions in front of everyone, he felt like this person was very interesting.

From that moment forth, he had no way of looking away from her face.

He truly wanted to see what a smile from the bottom of her heart looked like.

Today, he finally realized something.

“If you’re willing, I want to always be this good to you!”

He forcefully swallowed his saliva and wanting to say what he wanted to say the whole time, but the more nervous he was, the harder it was for him to say it.

While he did not say a single word, his eyes filled with enthusiasm betrayed him.

Chen Ning was a person that could see through people’s minds.  Her clear as water eyes fell onto his face and she could clearly see through his mind.  Other than feeling a bit strange in her heart, she also was a little surprised.

He likes me?

He likes me!


She had never believed that love at first sight existed in this world and she also did not believe in any kind of love enduring past life and death.  Especially after seeing what kind of man Chu Shao Yang was, she did not have any good feeling about any men surnamed Chu.

Perhaps Chu Shao Bai was the only exception.

But he was still young and this was probably his first time getting close to a girl, that’s why he was having these impulsive strange feelings for her.  Perhaps him loving her was just because he liked her face.

After this impulse was over, he would naturally forget about her.

Just like how he suddenly disappeared and suddenly appeared again.

Chen Ning shook her head.  Even if he was being serious, she did not have the mindset to play this game with him right now.

“I……I……”  Seeing her eyes filling with a resisting meaning, his heart filled with anxiety and he moved forward to grab her hand.

Who would have thought that he would misstep and almost fall down to the ground.

Chen Ning couldn’t help reaching out to grab him.  It was then she realized that his right foot under his white robe was tied up with two splints and covered completely in white bandaging.

“What happened to your leg?”  She asked.

“Nothing.”  His tone was very flat as he spoke in a casual voice, “I just suffered a little injury.”

“Is it suffering an injury?  Or did you just break your leg?”  She looked up and stared into his eyes, “Tell me, what icy mountain peak did you get this ice lotus from?”

No wonder his movements today was different compared to usual.  He kept hopping around while pretending to be a ghost and even after that, he just stood there without moving.  If it wasn’t for him stumbling just now, she would not have discovered that his leg was actually injured.

Chu Shao Bai couldn’t stop his face from turning red.

She actually guessed it instantly.

But how could he possibly tell her that while he was climbing the mountain, he had slipped and broke his leg?  Wouldn’t she burst out in laughter!

He wouldn’t say it.  He wouldn’t admit it even if he was beaten to death!

“Ke, ke, ke, I only suffered a little injury, what is the big deal?”  He couldn’t help giggling when he saw her moving closer, “Did your heart ache when you saw that I was injured?  If your heart ached, then doesn’t that mean you have a place for me in your heart?”

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