Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 126

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Chapter 126: Truly a waste

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes did not reveal any surprise.  Rather he just looked right at her face as if he was trying to find a trace of her past appearance in her current face.

Chen Bi Yun couldn’t help feeling her breathing become tight as her heart skipped a beat.

“That year, when this king fell into the water, after I woke up and saw you, you were like a water monster with your wet body and dripping wet hair.  I immediately fainted after seeing you, but no one would have thought that girl that looked like a water monster in the past would become this beautiful in just eight years.  Yun’er, when you saved me in the past, did you think this day would happen?  Did you think you would marry this king and become my woman?”

When he said these emotional words, his eyes filled with tenderness.  His arms wrapped tightly around her and he planted a deep kiss on her cheek.

His lips were fiery hot, but Chen Bi Yun’s palms were ice cold.

She buried her head into Chu Shao Yang’s chest, “Your highness, Yun’er already knew that even if I do not marry you, Yun’er would still be your woman for a lifetime.  Never abandon Yun’er, alright?”

“What nonsense!  You are this king’s favourite woman, how could this king abandon you!”  Chu Shao Yang said without any hesitation.

Pausing for a bit, he then said, “Yun’er, you can relax, the princess position will eventually be yours.  This king will definitely personally place that King Ding Yuan’s princess crown on your head.  You are this king’s wife in my heart, not a side princess and definitely not a concubine!”

Chen Bi Yun was elated when she heard this.  She raised her head and nodded at Chu Shao Yang.

Her eyes seemed to have the power to make men go crazy.  Just seeing them made his blood boil as he lifted her up and carried her to into the room.

Suddenly he stopped and he turned his head.  His enthusiastic eyes suddenly turned frosty as he coldly looked in front of him.

“Scram out here for me!”

“Servant Fan Tong is here to report to your highness.”

Steward Fan stumbled out of the flowers and kneeled down on the ground.  He kept trembling as he spoke in a shaking voice.

He couldn’t help calling himself unlucky for coming at the worst time, he had to come at the moment when his highness and the concubine consort was having an affectionate moment.  He had no choice but to hide and could only sneak into the flowers, causing him to be poked in the butt by the thorns of the roses.

“What is is?”  Chu Shao Yang’s eyes filled with impatience.

“Reporting to your highness, this servant has followed your highness’ orders and escorted the princess to the wooden hut.  As well, this servant has turned the courtyard the princess was living in into a kennel…..”

Without finishing, Chu Shao Yang had already interrupted him.

“Waste!  You truly are a waste!  You even need to report this piece of tiny news to this king!  Scram!”

[TL Note: His name is 範同 which is Fan Tong, but Chu Shao Yang is calling him 飯桶 which is also pronounced Fan Tong, but it can be interpreted as calling someone waste]

He was currently very aroused, was he in any mood to listen to this kind of rambling?  Especially after he heard the word “princess”, it was like he had just stepped on dog poop and his heart felt constricted.

Steward Fan wanted to suck up to his highness and the concubine, but he never would have thought that he would be reprimanded like this.  He could only drag his tail as he walked away.

Chen Bi Yun also hated him for not knowing timing and ruining this good thing for her, but once she heard that Chen Ning was sent to the wooden hut, her mood was suddenly much better.

“Your highness……”  She embraced Chu Shao Yang’s neck while smiling and massaged it a little.  She wanted to continue what they were about to do before being interrupted.  

Chu Shao Yang had already lost his mood to be affectionate with her and placed her down.  He absent mindedly said, “Yun’er, rest first.  This king has something to do and will come find you later when I’m free.”

After he finished, he walked to the front door with big steps and didn’t even look back.

Chen Bi Yun opened her mouth as she looked on at Chu Shao Yang’s back in disbelief.

He’s leaving?  His highness was leaving just like this?

She had spent so much effort to get his highness’ eyes to fall on her, but the mood had been broken apart by this untactful steward!  He really deserves to die!

She angrily twisted the handkerchief in her hand as she gritted her teeth and said, “Lan Xiang, call that waste back for me.  This concubine wants to ask him clearly when that Chen Ning will die!”

[TL Note: She said the same thing as Chu Shao Yang earlier]

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