Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: Killing you with a single bite

Of course Chen Ning had not died yet and was instead living quite leisurely.

The wooden hut was very simple and there were drafts in all four walls, but she didn’t care as she sat down on the hard wooden bed.  Suddenly an “ah” sound rang out.

“Young miss, is the bed too hard?  This servant will help you lay some grass down and it will be much softer.”  Xiao Ru said.

“No, I just remembered that there was something I forgot to bring.”

“What is it?  This servant will get it for you now.”

Chen Ning shook her head, “No need.  Even if I get it back…..it wouldn’t be much use right now.”

She remembered the ten fishing nets that she had set up on the ceiling and she gave a gentle sigh.

It had been five days now and Chu Shao Bai had not appeared again.  She had spread her net to catch him, but he never came back.

She had never anticipated his appearance, but now that he was no longer appearing, she could not help suddenly feeling a little wistful.

That beautiful young man with a face that was as beautiful as spring flowers or the winter’s snow, she had insulted him, hit him, and teaser him.

But only he could bring her away from this cage like king’s palace and let her soar above the skies of the capital city.  Only he could bring her above the royal palace, letting her look over the entire capital city.

But after that one night, he did not show up again.

“Stinky little brat, you better never appear again.  Otherwise……I’ll kill you with a single bite!”

Chen Ning’s lips suddenly raised up and she smiled as she said this one sentence.

“Young miss, who do you want to bite to death?  Is it the second miss?”  Xiao Ru was confused when she heard this.

Chen Ning couldn’t help poking Xiao Ru in the forehead, “Silly girl, I’ll bite you to death!”

Xiao Ru stuck out her tongue.  Then she giggled and said, “Young miss, have mercy!”

The two of them joked around for a bit and then Xiao Ru began to busy herself.  Her deft hands and feet quickly cleaned up the messy wooden hut and she even polished the broken wooden table until it was spotless.

Chen Ning continued to lazily watch her as she said, “Xiao Ru, there’s no need to clean this place.  We won’t be staying here for long.”

“But this servant feels this place is quite good.  It’s very peaceful here and we won’t have to see those hateful people!”  Xiao Ru said.  She was beginning to like this little wooden hut.

“The trees are quiet, but the wind does not stop blowing.  Even if we want to live a peaceful life here, there are people that won’t allow that to happen.”

Chen Ning revealed a gentle smile.  She then opened up Chen Bi Yun’s gift and casually played around with a few pieces of jewelry.

“Are you talking about the second miss?”  Xiao Ru knit her brows together, “We are already living in a wooden hut, what else does second miss want?”

“Of course she wants me dead.”  Chen Ning casually said, “She wants me to die, but I refuse to die.  Not only that, I want her and Chu Shao Yang to respectfully ask me to leave this wooden hut and to ask me to live in the best Flowing Cloud Pavilion.”

Xiao Ru’s mouth opened wide in surprise and it took a long time for it to close, “Young miss, are you serious?”

Although Chen Ning had said this, when she heard it, she didn’t believe it and just treated it like one of the young miss’ jokes.

“Of course I’m serious.”  Chen Ning smiled as she rubbed her stomach and said, “I’m pretty hungry, but I don’t think anyone will be sending food over for us.  I guess we can only do it ourselves and cook our own meals.”

“But there is nothing here.  Even if this servant wants to make a meal, how can I do anything without rice or ingredients?”  Xiao Ru was also very hungry as she spread out her hands.

“When we came here, I saw some sweet potatoes growing beside the wooden hut, we can just dig those up.  There is firewood here, so let’s bake them.”  Chen Ning’s eyes began to shine.

Once she mentioned baked sweet potatoes, her lips began to salivate.

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