Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: Delaying the beans because of rabbits

“Xiao Ru, freeze!:  Chen Ning suddenly shouted.

Her face was very calm without a single trace of anger as she gently said, “It’s just a few dogs barking outside, there is no need to acknowledge them.  Xiao Ru, Xia He, help this princess pack her things.  Don’t delay the beans because of the rabbit’s cries!”

Xiao Ru and Xia He had wide eyed anxious expressions on their faces.

“Young miss, why are you not angry at all?  They, they are already trying to bully you.  Do we have to let them turn this place into a dog kennel?”

“This isn’t a good place either, so it’s fine to leave this to b**tards like them who love to raise dogs.  Once we move into the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, I promise you that we will not allow any dogs in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, alright?”

Chen Ning laughed as she spoke.  Then she walked over to take the bench from Xiao Ru’s hands.

“If you don’t help me pack my things, be careful because I will hit your butts!”

Xiao Ru and Xia He both had confused expressions as the looked at Chen Ning’s face, but the two of them still obediently followed her orders and quickly prepared a small bag of luggage for her.

“Xiao Ru, you will come with me to the wooden hut.  Xia He, you and Chun Tao do not need to follow us.  You just nurse your grievances for a bit and also, you must complete the task I entrusted you with.”

Outside the window, steward Fan’s scolding and urging, as well as the dogs’ barking sounded out.

Chen Ning ignored it all as she calmly prepared everything and slowly walked out.

“Whose dogs are these that won’t stop barking?  Only knowing how to mark and not recognizing its master, they really deserve to die!”

She stood by the door and completely ignored steward Fan in the courtyard.

Steward Fan’s face turned red and then it turned green.

There was actually someone that dared to call him a wild dog.  This was simple defying the heavens!

He stared at Chen Ning and bit his finger as he shouted, “Where did a stupid girl like you come from?  You’re really brave, daring to call this steward a dog!

When he saw Chen Ning’s normal clothes, uncombed hair, and pale face, he assumed that she was a maid.

Chen Ning’s face sank and turned to ice as she coldly looked at him.

“How daring!  What kind of thing are you that you dare to insult this princess!”

“What?  You…..You’re the princess?”

Steward Fan’s eyes turned wide in shock.  He had seen Chen Ning at the wedding hall, but her face was completely painted at the time, so he could not recognize her this time.

“Insulting the princess is committing the crime of disrespect.  Chun Tao, according to the king’s palace’s rules, how do we punish him?  Chen Ning coldly said.

Chun Tao looked at steward Fan and her heart filled with fear as she did not dare to reply.

“Speak!  Chen Ning shouted.

Chun Tao was shocked as she blurted out, “He deserves a slap!”

“Good, then you can just slap this servant for this princess!”  Chen Ning coldly laughed.

When steward Fan heard this, he pointed at Chen Ning as he revealed an arrogant smile and said, “Ha, ha, what kind of princess are you?  You still dare to tell this maid to slap this steward?  Let me tell you, his highness has ordered me to send you to the wooden hut, so stop trying to pretend like you’re an awe inspiring princess!  Come, drag the princess to the wooden hut!”

The people he brought with him were all strong men with round waists and thick arms.  They rolled up their sleeves as the moved towards Chen Ning.

Xiao Ru ran out in front of Chen Ning and shouted, “You are not allowed to touch the young miss with your dirty claws!”

A man stretched out a big palm and pushed Xiao Ru to the side.  Then he shouted, “Little girl, stop trying to block the way.”

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