Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 121

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Chapter 121: Pretending to be worried about a dog

Xia He had a look of confusion at first, but after Chen Ning said a few words, she began to nod.

“Did you remember what I just said?”  Chen Ning asked.

“This servant remembers.  Please be assured princess, this servant will be able to do this for you.”  Xia He said with a solemn expression.

“Very good.”  Chen Ning smiled and then asked, “Xia He, you were born in this king’s palace, so you must be very familiar with this palace.  What is the largest and best place in this entire palace?”

Xia He did not even need to think to respond, “Of course it is the Flowing Cloud Pavilion that is the best other than the Peach Blossom Cove.  Everyone treats the Flowing Cloud Pavilion as the best since the Peach Blossom Cove is an area forbidden by his highness.  Without his highness’ orders, no one is allowed to enter, so this servant has only heard of it before and never seen it.”

“Peach Blossom Cove?  Flowing Cloud Pavilion?”  Chen Ning thought for a bit before she suddenly clapped her hands together as she smiled and said, “Alright, eventually we’ll move into the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.”

She liked it once she heard the name.

Hearing this, Xiao Ru and Xia He’s mouths opened wide as they looked at her with a gaze of disbelief.

His highness had already ordered her to be sent to the wooden hut which was equivalent to her being set away, how could she still have the chance to live in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion?

But they were afraid of Chen Ning becoming sad, so no one dared to say a thing.

Outside, the people housekeeper Xu had sent had already reached the courtyard and were talking in a very foul tone.

“Quickly, quickly, his highness has ordered that the princess must immediately sent to the wooden hut without fail.  Anyone that dares to go against the orders will be killed without mercy!”  

The one speaking was a monkey face middled aged man.  He was acting in a very arrogant manner as he flaunted the orders he had received.

Chun Tao knew that this was the steward under housekeeper Xu who was surnamed Fan.  She revealed a friendly smile and said, “Steward Fan, please wait a bit.  The princess is seriously ill in her bed and cannot suffer a shock right now.  Please give us a bit of time to pack up and we will immediately go to the wooden hut.”

Steward Fan gave a cold laugh and said, “Whoever dares to defy his highness’ commands will be chased out of this place.  His highness wants to raise some hounds here, so if you delay his highness’ orders, are you not afraid of losing your head?”

The moment his words fell, a few wild hounds rushed into the courtyard.  Once they saw Chun Tao, they began loudly shouting as they bared their teeth and tried to pounce forward.

Chun Tao’s hairs stood on end as her legs went soft and she fell onto the ground.

“I advise you to scram now, otherwise don’t blame me for letting you become dessert for his highness’ hounds!”  Steward Fan saw Chun Tao’s pale face and then began to proudly laugh.

To bring the dogs along was not Chu Shao Yang’s idea, it was actually Chen Bi Yun’s idea.

She had sent Lan Xiang to give one hundred silver coins to steward Fan, so that he would embarrass Chen Ning.  It would be best for Chen Ning to spit out blood and die on the spot.

Steward Fan was an ambitious person and had long wanted to curry favour with Chen Bi Yun.  Seeing such a good opportunity presenting itself to him, of course he immediately accepted.

In the room, Chen Ning and the others could clearly hear everything.

Xiao Ru’s face turned white with anger and her body began to tremble.  If it wasn’t for Xia He holding her back, she would have rushed out and gone all out with that steward Fan.

Was his highness even a human anymore!

Not only was he chasing them away, he even wanted to build a dog kennel here.  She could not accept this kind of humiliation.

Steward Fan was loudly shouting while acting as arrogantly as possible.  He was screaming out every bad thing possible.

“Young miss, this servant will fight with you.  We will never allow them to humiliate you!”

Xiao Ru had tears in her eyes.  She broke out of Xia He’s grip and grabbed a bench as she prepared to rush out.

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