Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: Comparing whose eyes are bigger

The man’s eyes did not blink, his eyes were dignified and focused as he stared at her.  She could almost see her own reflection on the surface of his eyes.

“Xiao Si, go out.”  The man stared at Chen Ning as he said this to Xiao Si.

The three other people in the room were shocked.

Xiao Si couldn’t help digging his ears.  He looked at his master with an aggrieved gaze.  The play had finally reached the stage, but his master was chasing him out.  He felt truly unsatisfied!

“Don’t make me say it a second time.”  The man’s voice was very calm.

Xiao Si immediately recovered and quickly said, “Yes, master.”

When he left, he reached out and pulled Xiao Ru out with him.

Xiao Ru wanted to break free, but Xiao Si said, “My master does not like being disturbed when he is talking.  Otherwise he will be unhappy, very, very unhappy.”

Xiao Ru immediately stopped struggling.  She had a face of worry as she looked at the closed door and said, “Your master……wouldn’t be bullying my young miss, right?”

“What a joke, how is that possible!”  Xiao Si gave a cold laugh, “What kind of person is my master?  He wouldn’t bully a girl!  What I’m worried about is my master.  Hey, your young miss wouldn’t bully my master, right?”

He suddenly leaned close to Xiao Ru and his eyes turned into crescent moons.

“……I don’t know.”

Xiao Ru suddenly thought of what her young miss had told her.  She could not talk to Xiao Si and could only answer his questions with I don’t know.

“Hey, what family does your young miss come from?  What is her surname and her name?”  Xiao Si acted just like Chen Ning had predicted, he was prepared to extract information from Xiao Ru.

“I don’t know.”  Xiao Run shook her head.

“Then where do you live?”  You should know this, right?”  Xiao Si did not give up as he continued asking questions.

“I don’t know.”  Xiao Ru continued to shake her head.

“Willow Alley?  Gingko Alley?  Blue Dragon Street?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know, I still don’t know.”

“Are you people of the capital?”

“I don’t know.”


Xiao Si had asked seventeen-eighteen questions in one breath and Xiao Ru had answered it all with I don’t know.  Xiao Si just angrily stared at her.

He had thought that Xiao Ru was simple and honest, and was certain that he would be able to gain a lot of information from her.  He never thought that this honest girl would listen to what her young miss said and revealed nothing at all.

In the room, there was only Chen Ning and the black clothed man left.

She suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

The man’s oppressive eyes seemed to be devouring her.  She closed her eyes and could no longer stare back.

“I give up.  I’ll admit that your eyes are bigger than mine.”  She said in a casual voice.

“……”  The black clothed man choked a bit.

She dared to treat this as a game?  Comparing whose eyes are bigger?

He did not know how many people could remain silent under his gaze.  Not to mention looking at his eye, some people did not even dare to stand straight in front of him, but she was very casual about all of this.  Was she truly not afraid of him?

The two of them did not say anything else.

A layer of faint awkward atmosphere filled the room.

The black clothed man did not say anything and Chen Ning was not going to take the initiative to say anything because she could not think of anything to say to him.

Speaking of this, they were strangers that had only met three times.  They did not even know each other’s names.  So they just sat like this, with the large eyes staring at the little eyes.

This was truly boring!

Chen Ning had already decided to quietly eat her meal.  If he wanted to be a mute and not say anything, then she would just treat it as if he did not exist.

She tried hard to ignore him sitting in front of her.  Although it was silent, there was still an oppressive tide that came from in front of her.  She walked over to open a window and suddenly the fresh air blew into the room.

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