Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: Something happening

Chen Ning took in a deep breath as she leaned against the window and took in the scenery of the capital city.

Although she didn’t look back, she could still feel the man’s gaze staring at her because she could still feel that oppressive hard to breathe feeling.

Her back felt stiff and she could keep it in any longer.  She turned around and stared into the his deep eyes.

“Am I that good looking?”  She tilted her lips and gave a sarcastic smile.

She knew that she was not beautiful with her current appearance.  With her flat yellow face, even if she walked on the large streets, no one would cast a second glance at her.

But this man continued to stare at her.

“You don’t look good at all.”

She had thought that the man would not say anything.  She never thought that after being quiet for a while, he would actually respond.

He even put it very straightforwardly.

Chen Ning smiled.  She was not angry at all, “If I don’t look good, why do you keep staring at me?”

The man closed his mouth this time and did not say anything else.

He also did not know why he kept staring at her.  Her face truly wasn’t that good to look at.  Her skin was yellow and her face was only considered average.

He did not know how many national beauties that could cause the downfalls of countries had appeared in front of him, but he did not look at them at all.  Yet she had firmly attracted his attention.

Perhaps it was the pair of eyes she had……

The man’s eyes once again fell onto her face.

Her eyes were very good, they were clear and bright, just like a pair of grapes immersed in mist.  It seemed like it was filled with wisdom.  When he saw them, he wanted to continue staring at them.

He did not think that by staring at this girl, he would be making her feel embarrassed.

Chen Ning suddenly felt her cheeks heat up and she gave a gently cough.  She was prepared to say something to break this awkward atmosphere, as well as averting the man’s eyes.


As she was about to talk, the door was suddenly opened and Xiao Si rushed in.

“Master, something has happened!”  He moved to the black clothed man’s side and whispered a few words.

The black clothed man’s eyes turned darker and suddenly stood up.  His eyes were like arrows as he stared at Chen Ning.

Chen Ning’s heart suddenly tensed up as she stared at the black clothed man walking over to her.

“I have something to do, so let’s change this to another day.”

After the black clothed man finished talking, he suddenly moved up and jumped out of the window.  His black gown fluttered in the wind just like an ink coloured butterfly.

Chen Ning couldn’t help being stunned.

“Miss, this is gold that my master is giving you!”

Xiao Si also jumped out after the black clothed man.  At the same time, he threw out a bag of money which landed perfectly in Chen Ning’s hands.

Returning to the king’s palace, Chen Ning continued to ponder.  What origin did that black clothed man have?  Why is it that everytime she goes out, she would always bump into him?  Was it because she and him had some sort destiny?

Once she thought of the word “destiny”, her heart suddenly skipped a beat.  She immediately spat out three times.

“Pei, pei, pei!  What nonsense!”

Xiao Ru who was focused on holding the bag of gold in her chest was startled and her hand trembled as the bag of money fell to the ground.  She quickly picked it up and cradled it just like a little baby.

“Young miss, that young master money is really good, he actually gave us this much gold coins.  From now on, we no longer have to put on that show to make more money.”  She was happy and full of energy.

But Chen Ning shook her head, “No, we can’t use these gold coins.”

“Why can’t we use it?  Xiao Si clearly said that this was something young master money gave you.  We didn’t steal or rob it…….”  Xiao Ru blinked her eyes as she asked in a confused voice.

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