DKC chapter 99 introducing our new translator Neverim

Chapter 99 is a regular chapter and the first one translated by Neverim as a test. He passed with flying colors and is a god send to me who often feel overwhelmed by translating two chapters a day. He gave me carte blanche to write an intro on his behalf (he should know better *evil grin*) and since I don’t know much about him…This is going to be interesting. Brought to you by Neverim and our Ninja editor.

Across the vast blue-green ocean, guarded by fabled dragon gods of yore, lies an archipelago I call home. Surrounded by towering steel mountains that glistens like diamonds, I wondered aimlessly in search of my green oasis. A bewitching cat causally strolled in front of me, turning its head and gave me a wide, mesmerizing smile as if to say follow me. I hastened my steps and followed the mysterious cat through a maze like route, towards an unknown destination, along the way many more cats joined us. Finally we reached a dead end surrounded by run down brick homes, but there were an electric flow in the air that made my hair stand straight up. The air started to ripple and whirl until a hole was ripped open in front of me. Throwing cautions to the wind I stepped through the hole following the cats and found myself in a beautiful green world. In front of me unicorns relaxed and drank from a spring while fairies danced in the flowers surrounding the spring. This serene, beautiful scene brought peace to me as I start on the translation….Thinking now if it would only rain lasagna then perfection would be achieved. Of course as a writer making the sky rain with lasagna just takes the magic of a pen… my magical pen start to add my favorite dish to this world.

—From the wild imagination of June trying to peak into our new translator Neverim’s mind

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    Hope this comment get posted for some reason i failed a number of times allready to post a comnend thanks for the chapter anddo you know a rss reader for android that will work with your website?

    • June says:

      It’s posted. After you post you should refresh you pages my android phone keep the old pages so won’t show the post… Just refresh 🙂 Also for rss information see DKC main page there are information about it in the comment section. Hope this helps

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